lost of a child from her mother

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once upon a time there lived a poor family . They have only three members in their family names are anil roy the head of the family,rani roy the wife of anil roy and their son apurba roy .In 30 september he married a girl named isani roy .After few years later she became mother from there she faces many problems . After few month later she give birth of a girl child .then her father in law and her mother in law plays a trick to kill the girl child because they want boy child. when isani is travelling  by train with her hole family.she is thinking that her allbody is very happy because of my child .After sometimes later her mother in law told her to wash her face so she give her child to her.Then apurba's mother with her family get down of the train leave her son's wife alone . And apurba's mother throw the child in the lake.And after few days later apurba again married .

it is very wonder ful palace
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very emotional story
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