My Story


I met someone. He changed my life. Now I look at the world in a new light. I’l tell you what happened.

I went to a road trip with this guy I just met.

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We were casually talking about nothing and everything. I told him about this old dream of mine where I travel the whole world and see all these spectacular panoramic wallpapers with my own eyes.

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I moved on to talk about drawing my own map of the places I have set foot on.

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He smiled and said, ” I don’t think girls travelling unsupervised is feasable.” He thought girls can’t, CANNOT travel on their own. What???

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I was gobsmacked. I moved out of the car and told (shouted at) him to shut up.

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I was discussing this incident with my girls. I was disappointed with the thinking of people and wanted to prove them wrong and make them see the right. My girls agreed with me. It was time to take the matter in our own hands. We decided to take the highway and travel on our own. I couldn’t be happier with our decision.

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For very long, I had contented myself with others stories and adventures. I was envious of their exploration and freedom.

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But now I was set to unfold my own myth. It was time to write my own story and travel the world. I was on cloud nine.

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I was ready to party hard and unleash my crazy self.

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But as they say, nothing is easy. We faced some minor obstacles in the starting. Like,a foodie friend of mine was concerned about getting the right food at uncharted places we were about to move to.

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But with the right research and proper planning, everything was sorted. She got her food, of course.

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We dived into the plunge pools and the majestic oceans. Another friend’s wish.

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We made our own plans and did what we wanted to do on our own terms. It was the first taste of complete freedom and it felt amazing.

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I can never thank that someone enough for changing my world. If not for him, I wouldn’t have taken the matter in my own hands and become #Tthetraveler. I love my life now, it’s a never ending party!!! You don’t wait for that someone or that someday, go take the rein of your life in your own hands and party hard. Go Travel.