MyStory# Does Travel Act as a Medicine To Beat Your Depression?

Photo of MyStory# Does Travel Act as a Medicine To Beat Your Depression? by Priti Raman Vishwakarma

I am aware of the fact that by writing this story, I am putting my story on a public platform where I am not a celebrity. Where I am just a normal girl who gained this quality of accepting everything when she moved out to make her own fairy tale story. When she moved out from her "Chaar Diwari" to see this beautiful world in her own beautiful way.


I am not hesitate to accept that once I was being molested as a child where I lost faith from men. Where I used to ask one question to myself, Why me? A chirpy girl, who used to talk to everyone but was not ready to trust any man. I was scared but never expressed as I was always more concerned with the question, will anyone accept me? Keeping that question in my mind, I managed to survive. I was never so strong to accept this thing in front of friends as well. Later on, I met a guy, with whom I felt I have gained that trust now. Everything was shining but then again my trust was broken. I was lost though I was surrounded by people. 

Bad phase Provoked me to travel alone as I wanted to go somewhere, just somewhere where I don't know anybody & Nobody knows me. Where people will not judge me. Thats how, I started my journey, where I was alone. In my journey, I met people who helped me without having any bad intentions.When I trekked till Triund, I realized that this world is so small & so our problems are!I was very strong since my childhood but travelling gave me positive energy which I had lost. My enthusiasm, my faith in Humanity I have gained through travel!Now I not only travel but suggest people also to travel.

It's not that now I don't cry over my problems & disappointments but now I am capable enough to accept it. Now I know I am the only one who can make myself feel better & strong. I am able to do this only because of travelling.It worked for me like a medicine.The purpose of writing this story not because I want sympathy or appreciation. The Purpose is ,many people are suffering from some or the other problem & dying somewhere inside everyday. It might not make a difference to all, but It will make a difference to that one person who's suffering from such ups & down. So go & travel, Make your own beautiful world which you deserve!  

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Sun 07 31 16, 09:41 · Reply · Report
Yes right! Travelling can change one's life!!
Sun 07 31 16, 09:13 · Reply · Report
I pray to god gives you more self confidence
Sat 07 23 16, 09:30 · Reply · Report
May you travel to as many places as possible Preeti !! :-)
Thu 03 03 16, 20:22 · Reply (2) · Report
thankk u sharaddhha...u too :)
Thu 03 03 16, 23:18 · Report
thank u shraddhha...u too :)
Thu 03 03 16, 23:18 · Report
you get to see the good that is all there in the world. travel helps restore your faith in that. may you have many such good travel experiences. god bless
Thu 03 03 16, 00:26 · Reply (1) · Report
thank u :)...god bless u too
Fri 03 04 16, 06:17 · Report
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