Myth about avid travelers

27th May 2016
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Being an avid traveler, people around me have formed certain notions about my lifestyle, likes, dislikes. The reaction when I break their myth is hilarious. They either laugh it off thinking I’m lying or are amazed and question how on earth is it possible.

To all those people, Yes I love to travel and                                                                                                                

  • Yes I’m a teetotaler: Yes I never drank or tasted alcohol. Yes I attend office parties.I mingle with people of different nationalities. I do all this with a glass of mock tail/juice in my hand. Of course my colleagues tease me about how my drinks are more expensive than the beer, but I simply say-”All good things in life are expensive”. In fact I've met few people from various nationalities who do not drink. Indeed, we are a rare breed but we exist. Assuming an avid traveler will definitely drink, is as absurd as saying a person who sell laptops will enjoy coding.
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  • Yes I’m still a vegetarian: I have traveled to places where forget finding a vegetarian meal, but explaining what a vegetarian meal is difficult too. I survived on tasteless dry red pasta for 3 days on my honeymoon. I forgot to book a vegetarian meal on a long flight and survived only on bread and fruits. In Japan, we struggled to find vegetarian meal. In Cairns, I requested the Greek restaurant to prepare a vegetarian option for me. There are many such instances, where i had to pick a sandwich for dinner. However I survived!! Not once did I feel to try the non-vegetarian options. I’m still fine,I have colleagues who are Jain (do not eat Onion, potatoes, garlic) and they have survived too.
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  • No, I do not like photography: No I do not have an SLR.I have no knowledge about cameras and lenses. I am not interested in photography. At times, I do not even click photographs. I like to enjoy nature with my naked eyes. I truly believe photography is an art. And like every other art, you need to have passion and inclination for mastering it.A traveler does not need camera to see the world and a photographer does not need beautiful landscapes to shoot a photo.
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Yes, travel changes you as a person. It makes you more compatible and sensitive to people and their choices. It broadens your perspective, breaks certain notions. It boosts your confidence. However, it doesn’t necessarily change your lifestyle habits.