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23rd Sep 2016
Day 1

Hello folks ,

Finally!!!The Long Time Plan was executed and so the story am gonna tell you will be also long :P

The best part of the story am going to tell you is about the PLACE OF STORIES The HISTORY :D

Yes!!! It’s Rajasthan

Day 1:

We booked our flights 3 months before to save some bucks :P It was the first flight for almost all of us expect one.

It Started with one freaky friend , who is so fond of history and we all nodded our heads to his interest in history.

though we had discussed about going to Rajasthan we couldn’t execute the plan but this time it was a instinctive decision.

And Here we go to Jaipur by our flight with the heavy backpacksJ

The hotels were pre booked so it was hassle free and we reached the hotel (5 ***** to the hotel for their Gesture and the food)on time and fastrack fresh n up and we were all set to explore the city.

We hired a cab for two days to explore the city. The entry of Himmath Singh(Cab Driver) The man of bluffy stories yet he entertained us :P


The place where you can see the rich treasury of artefacts like paintings, carpets, ivory, stone, metal sculptures, colourful crystal works etc…we enjoyed it quite well..the architecture of the museum was very interesting. There was a huge crowd in the museum especially a group of kids I was so amused to see kids holding iphones and many other smart phones and how innocently I used to capture everything in my eyes during my childhood days.

Himmat singh next takes us to the

Sanjay Sharma Museum

Yet another museum we thought it would be boring but the guide was too good and we spent very good time exploring the ART of the whole country at one place included the paintings ,the manuscripts,the locks(huge ones which had 8-10 keys) ,the architecture of different monumnets and so.

Cheers to the Guide :D


Though we couldn’t go to JAL MAHAL we enjoyed the place with quite of photo shoots and we all Wore the great rajasthani dress :P

we all looked Great (self praising ) :P

Sanjay sharma Museum:

This museum is a fascinating jumble of precious objects gathered by the parents of Shree Sanjay Sharma (who died as a boy) in his memory. It includes rare manuscripts and Indian art from around the country. There’s a set of 18th-century paintings of yoga postures, elaborate locks, shoes, drawings of temple architecture, beautiful royal games, 19th-century paper cut-outs, illustrated alchemy books and much more.

And Nexttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! SHOPPING .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We girls love shopping so were so excited to shop in Jaipur..The Famous Himmathwala told stories about the shopping place he was taking us to and when went there it was no where related to what he said but still could shop something :D

The Day Ended with wonderful Mean and Wonderful Chai :D

Day 2:

One more day to explore Jaipur . This time it’s not himmatwala please :D

As I told the hotel we stayed was fabulous we thought we could never ask for better breakfast than this and started our journey with Ramesh . The new Cab driver.

How can you miss to have Lassi when you are in Rajasthan. We had the delicious Lassi on MI Road and it was faboulicious:)

Unfortunately he was very silent and we missed himmat singh’s Poor jokes 

Hawaa mahal.

We just saw the outlook of the mahal ,it was fantastic and pinky pinky :P We moved Ahead to City Palace.

The Great City Palace where u can witness the Real PINK . The Place was little crowded but yet very exciting .Got to witness the Royalty of the kings who ruled Rajasthan . The King’s used to have 16Kg’s of Jalebi for breakfast that astonished us more and we really believed it when we saw their clothes in the city palace museum. We also got to see the Treasure of weapons they used.

Jantar Mantar,

As name says it was magical .It was really amazing and surprising to see the technologies ancient scientists discovered .The instruments we saw there were built with stones and the readings on the instruments can be taken through the sunlight not any other electric supply .

• And Here we go to Amber Fort with full spirit even though we were tanned and drained. As the place looked extremely interesting and the doves present in the city are extremely more and good to see them surrounded in the Fort.The first thing that attracted me was moata lake, The kesar garden . The guide Was so friendly and he was a good photographer too :D We witnessed the great Sheesh mahal which was luxurious and the architecture was very Beautiful The 27 pillared Diwan-i-Aam , which means the audience hall was a great treat to see. The Fort was Majestic and the once again the time well spent.

And the day ended with shopping of Razai and some window shopping at bapu bazar.

Jaipur is as bright as Pink and the memories are unforgettable.

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