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I felt a surge of emotion as we set foot on the shriveled soil of Rajasthan, the dust flying off the roads as a wealth of repressed memories stirred within me. Sammy, being adamant that she would pee only on grass, had a tough time marking the right spot to empty her bladder. The Royal Heritage Hotel in Kishangarh, where we broke for lunch, offered authentic, finger-licking Rajasthani cuisine in traditional serving platters. We drove on, determined to enter Hanumangarh before it got too late. When the roads became so lonesome and frighteningly dark that it gave a sinister innuendo, Sammy turned to me for reassurance. Overcome by a protective instinct, I let her sit on my lap. From that day on, it has been her reserved seat. She simply refuses to sit by herself on the back seat where she has the freedom to move and stretch if she pleases. We were thoroughly drained by the time we reached our shelter for the night, Rajvi Palace Hotel, an architectural delight whispering tales of the royal Rajputs who once called it home. Sammy had the privilege of taking a splash in the royal bath and then, cuddling up to her human companions on the bed that used to be the personal space of regality. From Hanumangarh, we continued our journey towards Amritsar, driving through the remote border villages of Punjab adjoining the neighboring Pakistan. This stretch was relaxed as we could afford to slacken our pace and enjoy the drive through rural India, occasionally breaking for a glass of chai. We had aloo and gobi paratha for breakfast, accompanied by some rich and frothy lassi from one of the roadside dhabas.

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Best time to visit Rajasthan is from October to March


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