5th Jun 2019

On  a recent visit back to my hometown of Portland, Oregon, I was reminded of a nickname "Bridge City" due to the 12 bridges throughout the city. The bridge in the above photo is called the Fremont Bridge, which spans the Willamette river.  During Rose Festival, Portland's bridges offer a sight and connection to a magical wonderland of music, people watching, and festivities. I recommend grabbing an AirB&B close in, checking out some coffee shops, food carts, and local parks. Portland people are generally friendly and kind, so make some new friends. 

A local favorite is the McMenamins Kennedy School, a place to eat, spend the night, watch a movie, or even soak in a secluded hot tub. This historic school building offers Micro-brewed beer, small batch liquors, and local wines under the famed McMenamins brand. The walls are adorned with beautiful murals that take us to another place in time and space where magic is real.

The Portland Saturday Market is a great place to see local crafts, connect with the Portlandians, and explore Tom McCall waterfront park which spans the city from the Steele Bridge to the Tillikum Crossing foot bridge pictured here. This pedestrian and light rail bridge is Portland's newest and 2nd most beautiful bridge, rivaled only by the historic Saint John's Bridge. 

Photo of Portland by Loft Visual

Getting around inner Portland on electric scooters, walking, and bicycling is easy. Ride share services such as Car2go and Lyft are also available. If you don't mind venturing out a ways, the most beautiful bridge and a favorite park is the Saint John's Bridge and Cathedral Park. Featured in Atlas Obscura, this amazing park has one of the most iconic places to take a photo during your travels. Above the park is the famed bridge seen here...

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