Science Says Visiting Beach Promises Happier Life

Photo of Science Says Visiting Beach Promises Happier Life by Priya Pareek

“Sky above, sand below, peace within.”

For most of us the idea to attain peace within a few minutes sums up to a walk on the beach and why not? The crystal clear waters, wide blue sky, long stretch of sand and soothing calmness are possibly the best ingredients sooth a restless soul and a tired mind.

There has never been a doubt about the magic that beaches have in store for visitors and the same has been accepted by Science as well. Besides being beneficial for you on mental and physical level, visiting beach can even add years to your life.

Scientists have come up with a new term to define the effect of beach on your brain and it’s called “blue space.” So, whenever you are in blues, head to the blue space to get some peace and freshness.

The relaxation that you feel after visiting a beach is not an illusion but a change in the way your brain reacts after the calm surroundings leave you relaxed, happy and reenergized.

Here are the four different ways in which this blue space affects you:

Photo of Science Says Visiting Beach Promises Happier Life 1/2 by Priya Pareek

1. Reduces stress

The benefits of water for our body have long been established but very few of us know the benefits of water for our mood. Water is one of the nature’s best stress-buster as it is full of positive icons that make a person feel at ease. For instance, whenever you swim or even dip your feet in water, you feel relaxed. That’s how water proves to be instant mood booster.

2. Boosts creativity

If you feel stuck on a creative level then beach can bring you out of the rut! Scientists believe that being in blue space allows you to have better and clearer picture of your problems and lets you solve them in a creative way. It is very much like meditation as it clears your head, erases everything else, triggers calmness and thus allows you to focus on fruitful aspects.

Photo of Science Says Visiting Beach Promises Happier Life 2/2 by Priya Pareek

3. Helps reduce feelings of depression

Calmness, relaxation and happiness are all that a person feels devoid of when in depression and these are the feelings a visit to beach promises. So you know the solution now! The sound of water, smell of sand, sight of the sky and all of it together help you feel relaxed and happy.

4. Changes your perspective on life

A clear mind, happy soul and calm heart are all a person needs to have a positive and right perspective on life. Visiting a beach offers you all of it while in turn promising a happy and healthy life.

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