Shravanabelagola Experience

4th Aug 2018

I never knew about this place before the day I went there. Shravanabelagola is 140 Kms from Bangalore, 50 Kms from Hassan & 83 Kms from Mysore in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Before reaching to the top of the hill I didn't know what exactly we are going to experience and why did we stop here. I just thought there might be a small temple. I took about 620 steps to reach to the top. But after reaching there my perception changed. There is also a facility for those who can't reach by foot steps. I saw couple of people holding a person in a large chair taking them upward towards the hill top.

Photo of Shravanabelagola Experience 1/3 by Bikash Jaiswal
Photo of Shravanabelagola Experience 2/3 by Bikash Jaiswal
Bhagwan Gomteswar Bahubali Statue
Photo of Shravanabelagola Experience 3/3 by Bikash Jaiswal
Hilltop view
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