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22nd Feb 2017

Travel not just bring the opportunity to explore new places and meet new people, it also brings the excitement of trying different local cuisines and delicacies.

I hope you have great time in Thailand and enjoy some of the funny moments i captured in below video :)

If you visit Thailand, you have lot of new flavours ready to give a kick start day to your taste buds.

Even for vegetarians, you guys can explore many dishes including Papaya salad or veg glass noodles.

Chicken Fried rice

Photo of #ThaiDelight #Foodie #ThaiFood by Kapil Kumar

Thai food has different flavours and some what similar to Indian food too. If you don't like sweet and sour flavours of Thai curry, you can just order the chicken fried rice or noodles on the safer side.

veg Salad

Photo of #ThaiDelight #Foodie #ThaiFood by Kapil Kumar

Now we have backup option for strictly indian foodies, let's explore few more yummy delights.

I tried the Salmon fish in thailand which had lot of cashewnuts and such a pungent taste of lemon, unfortunately i forgot the name of the dish. This was very hard to get in for the first few bites, but once your taste buds are used to the tanginess you can enjoy the crispy fish and nuts.

Crispy Salmon with Cashew nuts

Photo of Muang Pattaya Chon Buri Thailand by Kapil Kumar

Other things i like was Glass Noodles :) It was so spicy even though i hardly saw any red or green chilly, but this was one of the best dish i had. I had this dish in a open bar in Walking Street of pattaya with a chilled beer, couldn't ask any more :)

Glass Noodles

Photo of Walking Street Pattaya Pattaya City Chon Buri Thailand by Kapil Kumar

Chang Beer

Photo of Walking Street Pattaya Pattaya City Chon Buri Thailand by Kapil Kumar

During the trip, we been to the Coral island too. We had Sweet and Sour chicken in the menu with chilled Tiger beer, even this was very similar to indian chicken dish with a slight of Thai fusion.

Sweet and sour Chicken

Photo of Koh Larn Island, Beach Na Kluea Chon Buri Thailand by Kapil Kumar

After few days surviving on the Thai food, we decided to try the indian cuisine in "taste of India" restaurant on the Khao San road. Garlic naan with chicken tikka reminds me of my love towards indian spices :)

Garlic Naan with Chicken Tikka

Photo of Khao San Road Phra Nakhon Thailand by Kapil Kumar

When it comes to food blog, its not complete unless you add some sweetness in the blog :) Here is the delight to the taste bud who like sugar rush.

Waffle Ice cream

Photo of CentralWorld Bangkok Thailand by Kapil Kumar

As they say best thing comes in the last in the menu, here is the best Thai Street food. You have to be a daredevil to try this :)

Fried insects including Scorpions and Cockroaches.

Photo of Khao San Road Phra Nakhon Thailand by Kapil Kumar

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