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Walking Street Pattaya

Shivam Bajare
WALKING STREET: - You have to visit the walking street once in your life. The walking street is an entertainment district in the city of Pattaya, Thailand. Really great place to chill and have fun. The street includes seafood restaurants, live music venues, beer bars, sport bars, go-go bars, night-clubs. I meet some indian guys from kerala. They looked really happy when they saw me. They greeted me and we talked about where we were from what we do. After beating the bull in the buses they came on the point. They asked me whether I know "tambak". First of all I didn't get what were they saying I thought it was some kind of place, but by their body language and their gesture I got to know that the thing they were asking for was tobacco!!Just can't believe that, I will travel some place and some random guy will ask me tobacco. Seriously life is just unpredictable. Around 2 o'clock I got back to my hotel.It was my last day.At that day I visited the largest market in Bangkok "the Indira market"
Swetha Kumar
Famous for shopping, biggest and busiest party hotspot in the whole of Thailand, with only a couple of the top places in Bangkok beating it for sheer volume and variety. almost every building along its length is a nightclub, go-go bar, beer bar or restaurant
Kapil Kumar
Other things i like was Glass Noodles :) It was so spicy even though i hardly saw any red or green chilly, but this was one of the best dish i had. I had this dish in a open bar in Walking Street of pattaya with a chilled beer, couldn't ask any more :)
Kapil Kumar
There are lot of other sightseeing places that can be seen in and around the city.I like Art in Paradise as one of my favourite activity to do in the city, as its indoor with AC provision so good way to escape the heat. Its almost in the middle of the city with lot of shopping and eating points nearby.The tickets cost was around 150THB per person as i book online. If you buy at spot, it will cost almost double prize so better to book online. you can check and compare the prizes on Hotels2thailand.com or Klook.com.You can easily spend 2 to 3 hours to take some funny and amusing pictures through the place. You will run out of the memory space in your camera for sure :)When i was too inspired by Aladdin, i try to find my own Gennie :)
Amuktha Malyada
After quick relaxation we headed towards the night life. We have shared autos to travel inside Pattaya and these are known as “TUK-TUK”. We took TUK TUK to reach walking street. It charged us like 30 baht per person. Walking street is must visited place in Pattaya when you are looking for night life. This street is 800 meters long. In one line to describe this place is "A walk for 800 meters can change your perception towards life :P”. We rushed in one pub in walking street which had live music concert going on with descent crowd. It was great to chill out after a long journey.
Abhijeet Guha
Reaching the hotel, I took an hour to decide to visit the famous walking street. I along with one of my office colleagues started for the place around 12.30 am. Reaching the place, I was amazed with the lighting and crowd. I was totally in a different world. I could see many Indians there. Let me tell you what exactly a #walkingstreet is. It’s a long street with bars, cafes and pubs on both sides of the road. There were Russian, Thai and many other nationalities girls dressed in short cloths attempting to lure passer-by to the bars. You can also spot some shemales here and there. After doing some recce I and my friend entered one pub. I had never been to any such place previously; hence it was fascinating for me to watch the girls dancing by the pole. I ordered beer which was relatively cheaper- around 45 bhat which is 90 Rs. Approximately. We left the bar around 5 am in the morning and end up spending 2000 Tha bhat.
mayur saikia
Tanvi S
Tanvi S
pooja thakkar
The infamous, notorious and the place to be at Walking Street will leave you curious when you enter but disturbed when you leave. GoGo Bars, gogo shows and lots of music everywhere all enveloped in so much of colour and so much of light Waking Street is one long street full of clubs on both sides. Be it the ladyboys spanking men as they walk by outside spankies, or the men murmuring ping pong show ping pong show with menu cards flashing in their hand, lots of raw talent out on street for entertainment and bustling bars with pool tables, some local bands, wrestling rings and gogo shows, you'll get it all in this one long street. Bar hopping is the way to go out here when you come in first, c'mon you don't want to be drunk already before you see the entire place. With Alcohol so moderately priced, you will not spend much even if you are club-hopping. Leo their local beer and the Chang are sold at dirt cheap prices but somehow they all seem too diluted and take forever to get you tipsy. The Gogo shows seem all morally incorrect to go for and most of you will come out regretting funding for something like that, but most like me will anyways end up going in to know what they already know. ATTENTION LADIES At the end of walking street there is this street shop which gives you shorts for 20 baht, you wouldn't mind picking a few for yourself and everyone else or probably start a shorts business. And there is a big swing just at the end of walking street costing about 110 baht for a crazy ride of BIG SWING which will last for a few minutes but will take forever to forget as it is way scarier than it looks. Don't eat or drink before hopping on to it unless you want to throw up mid-air.