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Walking Street Pattaya

Vandana Goenka
Walking Street : At the New year celebrations night the walking street of Pattaya was full with people all around the world and it was so beautifully decorated you will see the lights all around and so many street shows during the celebrations. Once it was 12 midnight all the people cheer up and fireworks enjoyed with the huge crowd.All the coloured ribbons and sprays were in the air and it was so stunning and absolutely out of the world experience.
Abhishta Kumar
Some of us decided to go to the very famous ‘Walking street’, known for its nightlife, pubs, and go-go bars. We spent a lot of time here, just walking, and checking out all the places. This place can be a major culture shock to many. We also enjoyed some street food here. We returned to our hotel at around 3am.
Siva Ilankumaran
Americans find Pattaya home away from home as it sleeps in day and come alive in night just how the clock ticks in USA.
The Journey
At night, we visited the most famous & vibrant street of pattaya - the walking street. Street is full of night clubs, strip clubs, go go bar & most importantingly beautiful girls. If you want, you can take what you like to your Hotel. Save yourself from getting scam by russian bars which will take money & will not fulfill their commitment.
RD Prajapati