The Solitary Sojourn : Numinous

Photo of The Solitary Sojourn : Numinous by aditi

Why do we travel, why do we crave to see places unknown? Why do we have a Bucketlist ? Why do we feel the need to go beyond the comfort of our homes? The answer lies somewhere in the evolution, it is not just the millennial who suddenly decide to pack their bags and head out of their homes. Even centuries ago the legends of sea farers, travelers, explorers fantasized the dreams of children.

“ Ire Fortiter Quo Nemo Ante It” even the Latins encouraged people to explore & treasure faraway lands. The only change that has come in this favourite hobby of humans is the purpose or perspective. Travel, Explore, Wanderlust all these words have hallowed the dreams of every teenager and to travel solo becomes the symbol of the ultimate freedom. Travelling opens up one’s perspective as it widens the horizon to a world unknown, the right kind of ignition for a mind yet to find its destiny. Travelling impinges the virgin mind with an ability to take decisions of taking that unknown route down the valley, makes you a poet when you sit down and appreciate a beautiful waterfall or makes you robust in the methods of life when you face umpteen difficulties in reaching your destination but still head on strongly. Solo travel becomes an important building block of your life, a venture every teenager should do after all it was something in trend centuries down the line too, when one had to leave home and venture out in the wild to prove his/her mettle. Well nobody is asking you to hunt, all that we are trying is that you have some fun on your own.

A journey done alone means taking a big leap from being an adolescent to an adult. For a lot of us it is the first time when we are actually planning a voyage on our own, this process helps us feel independence for the first time. For this is a trailer of planning our future life, the trip right from the finances, to travel and surviving everything the trip throws at oneself, it is nothing less than an all inclusive course of life. So pack your bags and set out on that legendary trip or trek that unbeaten path till you experience that moment when you can hear your heart beat, when the only thing you feel is your breath, that bend in the road when you saw the most beautiful rainbow, that smell of rain on the soil, tingling in your toes when you step into a mountain stream or the warmth when you see the sun rise. It is in these moments when you are above the ways of this world that you find yourself to be alive. So stop dreaming and start living…………

“ To go beyond the unknown,

See more than what is shown.

Walk that extra mile,

Share your beautiful smile.

Live that dream today,

Step out & venture cause,

That is the quintessence of life”

Photo of The Solitary Sojourn : Numinous 1/1 by aditi