Finding the Perfect Travel Partner


Difficult journeys get easier with best buddies

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Travel, explore, wanderlust all these words have hallowed the dreams of every teenager and to travel solo becomes the symbol of the ultimate freedom. Travelling solo opens up ones perspective, widening the horizon to a world unknown, the right kind of ignition for a mind yet to find its way in the world. Travelling impinges the virgin mind with an ability to take decisions of taking that unknown route down the valley, makes you a poet when you just sit down and appreciate a beautiful waterfall or just makes you robust in the methods of life when you face umpteen difficulties in reaching your destination but still head on strongly.

You may want to have somebody to give you company on that long train ride, someone to hold your bag while you haggle with the taxi, someone to get that hot cup of tea when you fall ill or the least share a bottle of chilled beer after a long day of travel and if you are travelling with your loved one a few kisses here and there and a warm cuddle at the end of the day. Travelling with a partner has its own perks. In solo travel you absorb the atmosphere of new place, having a buddy by your side is surety for a company at unknown place. Solo travel makes you boundless while having a partner effaces fear of unknown.

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and while it’s totally upon you how you would like to travel, who you choose as your travel partner, there are few things you must remember while selecting a partner and venturing out on the trip.

What type of traveler are you?

You definitely can’t have it all and obviously you don’t want it all too. You have your preferences and so does everyone else. Some want adrenaline rush, some want it outdoors, some history, others nature or may be the nightlife of the place. Know, What kind of traveler you are?

How flexible are you?

This firstly depends on the person you are going on the trip with as your level of comfort and understanding changes with person to person. So, it’s more important to know how much accommodating you are to the other person’s plan.

The Compatibility factor.

You would not want your buddy to become burden on you rather he/she should be an asset. Someone who is not ready to travel rough, carries hand baggage more than your complete luggage, who cannot just eat what is locally available. You want someone who makes travelling easier and comfortable, someone to give you company, who will willingly become your personal photographer and much more.

Aim of your trip.

The most important aspect, what do you want from the trip? Is it a relaxed vacation from work, a budget trip, some adventure trail or something else? Equally important is what does your partner want?

Sharing the Expenses

You want someone who can share expenses equally as travelling is worth spending all your savings but not a cheap yearning.

Share the expectations and planning

You must discuss each other’s expectations from the trip and know each other’s mind. You have to decide on a final itinerary and few compromises both will have to make. Don’t assume your partner wants it all your way or you to be his/her travel guide.

You must be able to communicate with each other about everything, enjoy each other’s company during the trip as you would not want someone sticking to his/her phone while physically present with you.

Trust between Two

The last but an important aspect is how much you can trust the person? You are practically going to spend your entire day with this person and definitely you want to be carefree about your safety, money, plans and don’t want all your secrets to be vulnerable with this one person. Also, the dependency on your partner as you would be doing things together and share is always 50% each.

Whether you travel with your friend, sibling, partner/spouse or a new person you meet along the way or over internet; It is important to select and plan wisely because it is not just any other person, you are going to spend and share all your experiences with this one person for the entire duration and also it is not an often opportunity to travel. You plan so much to take out time from your busy lives to explore the place which has been on your list for so long; you definitely want to make the most of it.

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