Top Natural Wonders to Explore on World Earth Day 2019


Our Earth is too huge to explore in one life; however, we can try our best. Exploring natural wonders through your Tour Packages here on the occasion of Earth day can be the best way to celebrate it.

The Dead Sea

As per its names, nothing remains alive this sea. The landlocked water body located on the border of Israel and Jordan is considered as wonder because the high salt content does not let anything sink in water. Moreover, many people around the world believe that the mud around the sea rejuvenate skin.

The Sundarbans

It is the largest mangrove forest across the globe and located in the West Bengal, India. Sundarbans is a home of many unique plants and animals. The beautiful forest on the marshland of Ganges is also a sanctuary for majestic Bengal Tigers. Our India Tour Packages has some exciting offer for Sundarbans.

Grand Prismatic Springs

Popular for its rainbow coloured water, this hot water spring is located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming USA. This spring radiates a spectrum of coloured light which matches exactly with a spectrum of white light through a prism. Many tourists around the world give this spring a preference while booking International tour packages for America.

Waitomo Glow-worm Caves

Thousands of glowing worm hanging from the ceiling of the cave, Waitomo Caves from New Zealand are like some fairy tale place from Disney Movies. Watching them from a boat is extremely eye-pleasing.

Abraham Lake

The Great White North, Canada is blessed with enormous natural beauty. While talking about natural wonders, mentioning Abraham Lake is a must. During winter, the frozen surface of the lake appears mysterious because of ghostly bodies trapped in it. But there is nothing supernatural about this lake. The white blobs below the frozen surface are actually methane gas released by plants living underwater.

Rainbow Mountains

Scarlet, amber and blues, the hills located in Zhangye National Geopark of China are world famous as rainbow mountains. The natural colouration of these hills is due to mineral deposition from last 24 million years.

Gran Salar de Uyuni

This is the world’s biggest salt plane situated in Latino American country, Bolivia. This place is one unique natural wonder. At a times it reflects hues of different colours, while when covered in clear water is acts like a biggest natural mirror in the world.

Iguazu Waterfall

Watching Iguazu Waterfall is one overwhelmingly amazing experience. A giant waterfall made of a total of 275 falls spread across the distance of 2.7 kilometres is simply breath-taking.

Aurora Borealis

This is not the name of a place, but of a natural phenomenon which can be seen from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Canada. They are also called as northern lights due to shades of vivid colours illuminating the sky during light.

These were few of the top natural wonders to explore on World Earth Day. Make this earth day travel exciting by visiting them. Check holiday packages for different country and Bon Voyage!