Travel Between Delhi to Agra Every Hour in Bullet Train. To Be Ready by 2030! Read for Details!


Indian Government has been working hard to develop infrastructure in the country. With the latest developments in the road and rail network, the efforts are to reduce travel time, cost and ease of travel. This will especially put cities and towns on the world tourism map.

One such effort is the Delhi- Varanasi High-Speed Rail Project which will immensely make travel easy and connect 12 major religious cities in the area.

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What are the Key Highlights of the Project?

-The Delhi-Varanasi high-speed rail or bullet train project will be 958 km long, including a distance of 123 km connecting Lucknow to Ayodhya.

-There will be one bullet train from Delhi to Agra and Agra to Delhi running at a speed of 300 km every hour.

-There are plans to build an underground station at Jewar Airport.

-Keeping in view the corridor security requirement, the entire corridor will be a mix of elevated stretches and tunnels.

What is the route followed?

-The bullet will have 12 stations and will connect all major religious places including Mathura, Ayodhya, Prayagraj and Varanasi.

-There will be 63 trips between Delhi and Agra in a day, 43 trips between Delhi and Lucknow, 18 trips between Delhi and Varanasi and 11 trips between Delhi and Ayodhya daily

How will it benefit the travellers?

At present, it takes around 11-12 hours to reach Varanasi from Delhi by train. The proposed bullet train will reduce this travel time to just three hours. High-speed rail connectivity is crucial in the current era. The Government is trying to create world-class infrastructure in the region. With the frequency of trains, travellers will be more at ease with the ticket availability in case of sudden plans.

What will be the cost?

The ticket pricing is to be fixed. However, it is expected to be lesser than the airfare in the region.

As per reports, the total project cost is estimated at Rs 2.28 lakh crore and will be completed by 2029-30.

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