Travel Bug- All or Nothing!

7th Sep 2018
Photo of Travel Bug- All or Nothing! by Footloose Backpackers
Day 1

When you have ‘travel’ on the brain like a bee in one’s bonnet- nature suddenly makes you realize what a miniscule place you occupy in the world. The frenzy of freedom, the furor over the thrill, the satisfaction of being away- away from the chaos of life, and the euphoria of being who you want to be- this potpourri of emotions is what builds you and makes you happy. Your mission is not to succumb to verbose rules and societal stigmas, but to dig in your heels and strive for what you want from life.

Life is not a bed of roses; it has its way to test your endurance and skills! But a life lived in fear and remorse is not a life well-lived. It does not matter how long you live, but how you live because that provides you an iota of contentment. ‘Travel Bug’ is one of the latest examples of Neologism (a newly coined word/ expression). When you have that sudden obsessive desire to pack your bags, leave behind your phone and get ready for an adrenaline rush, they say that the ‘Travel Bug’ has bitten you.

If someone had told me that this concept is hypothetical a few months back, I would have readily agreed. But now that have realized the real meaning of this term, it is not easy to just brush aside the thought that even I have been infected by this bug. I refrain from taking leave from work even when I am sick, I watch travel blogs and make notes, my friends know that the common topic for our conversation will be travel, I withdraw socially from verbose small-talks and my eyes light up when I see travel gear up for sale. Aren’t these symptoms enough to make me realize that something is not normal?

I believe that we don’t choose occupations. Occupations choose us. Even if we land up working in a 9 to 5 shift in a corporate bower, our real job will find a way to pick us. Travelling is one such job (an avocation rather than a vocation). It gives me pleasure. It gives me peace. It resets my mind and makes the pain in my mind cease. Travelling is like that hot cup of chocolate milk that keeps the stress at bay. Often when I think about my life, I realize that it has a purpose! I have a purpose- to live and experience all joys of the spring, to explore and unravel the mysterious landscapes, to ignite the flame of liberation amidst the dense forests, to rekindle life between the narrow mountain ridges and to survive in the far-flung grasslands. Life is like a cliff-hanger; you imagine the ending and live by it!

When the Travel Bug bites, there is no right or wrong. This is an infection that brings along leisure and adventure. It forces you to go to distant lands where the golden apples grow, where Parrots and Skylarks sing the same tune, where the wakening skies pray to the morning light and the mountains wear the garment of snow. This utopian world is like a safe haven where once you drop anchor, you lose track of all snags.

I believe the words of Hellen Keller- Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. It is all or nothing. To make the best of Life, you can do nothing by halves. Rather then embowering yourself within the four walls made of mortar and cement, step out and breathe! Let nature pervade your body and loosen every cell. Live like there is no tomorrow but invest time like you have ample of it. Explore, enjoy and experience. Travel. Let it take the reigns of your life in its hands and lead you to an unpredictable future!