Travel Saving hacks for your "First Abroad Trip"....

9th Feb 2019

Hey all

Looking back to my memory lane, I still remember that I have so many profound memories of my "First Abroad Trip". I was determined to undertake a trip to a whole new country to explore new land and new culture. But as you know, money always play a "Snapshot" for a simple middle class people with all limitations. It was a tedious job for me to execute such trip. Definitely, it was not a overnight job, it took me months to plan and execute my dream come true.

Photo of Travel Saving hacks for your "First Abroad Trip".... 1/1 by Chetali Dh

Big dreams means BIG MONEY!!! So here I offer a few tips so as to save for our dream destination.


Definitely these ultra big malls are so damn tempting, we easily get tempted for a shopping spree irrespective of our needs. In today's world where fashion changes every now and then, one need to think twice before buying any stuff. We can wait for big fat sales which occur twice a year. Pen down your needs, buy only what is needed. I know I am asking a lot; as who don't like shopping. But simply by cutting off the unwanted things can make a big difference.


Outing with friends is always FUN!!! But spending on pizzas, burgers and coffees are purely extravaganza. Yes eating in restaurants and cafes can burn your pockets these days; where even a cup of coffee will cost you around Rs. 200. Instead call friends at home, cook together your favorite meal, watch over your favorite movies, laugh together on silly jokes. To me it sounds a "PERFECT DAY WITH MY BESTIE".

Also make birthdays and anniversary's special menu at home and enjoy together with family and close friends. The efforts put on such a way can definitely help you closer to a step ahead to your dream destination.


OMG!!! How come these online sites always offer discounts. They use to make me super crazy. The time I open any of these online sites like Amazon, Jabong, Snapdeal and various others; they are always flooded with great offers and heavy discounts. Somehow, they make you forced to buy extra items or unwanted items which may not be needed. The best way to deal with this, is to simply uninstall such online apps from your mobile and install back only when there is a genuine need.


Credit Card, in a simple way access to more money ; leading to more expense. I have no Credit Card and do not even wish to have one.That way there is no worry to pay to Credit card companies. Debit card or cash is more than sufficient for our day to day expenses.


There are numerous ways to save a monthly portion of your salary. Beginners can start with a piggy bank. Else open a RD or simply put some money in your savings accounts. Also Mutual Funds are one of the good sources to invest your money with basic reasonable knowledge.


One has to set a benchmark about day to day requirements. Set apart your necessities from luxury. For example, pair of 2 to 3 shoes is a necessity while having a 10 pairs of shoes can probably be called a luxury. In this way the same process applies to other day to day requirements.