Unexplored Vaishali Bihar

13th Jul 2020
Day 1

My name is Rankaj from Vaishali Bihar

Today, famous as an archaeological site, Vaishali also referred to as Vesali, was once a culturally thriving city in Bihar. Situated north of Patna on the banks of Gandak River, this ancient city was the capital of Licchavi Kingdom and from the very beginning has been closely connected with Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. 

We can have a fair idea of its significance, as historical records state that during this time, roads connected Vaishali with many prominent regions like Kapilavastu and Shravasti, and till date, these ruins have an amazing spiritual appeal about them.

It was on this soil, that Lord Mahavira was born. It is believed that Lord Buddha also visited this city not once but on several occasions for spreading the message of Buddhism. He even preached his last sermon here in Vaishali. After Buddha’s passing away, in 483 BCE, the second greatest council of the Buddhists was held here in Vaishali. 

The First Republic in the World

Since the beginning, i.e. 6th century BCE, Vesali/Vaishali is taken as one of the first examples of being a complete Republic City. This is also the place where one can find the earliest pillars of King Ashoka upon which there is a lion sitting proudly. This ancient city has also been strongly mentioned and well-praised in the travel accounts of many Chinese explorers like Faxian and Xuanzang.

Why You Should Visit Vaishali

Vaishali is a small district which now comes under the Trihut division in Bihar. This city is famous for being the very first republic of the world and is believed to have been named after King Vishal who ruled here. He is believed to have been born in the Ikshvaku dynasty and was the descendent of Lord Rama.

Surrounded by vast rice fields and groves of mangoes and bananas, Vaishali exudes a peculiar historical charm and is flocked by a huge number of tourists all year round. It is a great place for people who love history and is no less than an amazing opportunity to know about Hindu culture and its prominence.

History of Vaishali

According to historical records and archaeological findings, the city of Vaishali was always surrounded by three walls with enormous gates and well-built watch towers. 

Vishwa Shanti stupa. The Vishwa Shanti stupa was built by the Buddh Vihar society in collaboration with the Japanese government. It is a very beautiful structure and showcases the grandeur of our traditional heritage. It is an absolutely amazing place to spend your leisure time basking in the shade of the Hindu past and its glory. 

Vishal Fort. It is believed that the ancient city of Vaishali got its name from King Vishal. Initially, it went by the name of Vishalapuri which was later on changed to Vesali or Vaishali. And the Vishal Fort here is believed to have been the parliament of the Lichchavis. Many historians and experts say that there was a time when about seven thousand representatives used to gather here for discussing political matters.

Photo of Vaishali Bihar by Rank vlog

Rank vlog

Photo of Vaishali Bihar by Rank vlog
Photo of Vaishali Bihar by Rank vlog
Photo of Vaishali Bihar by Rank vlog
Photo of Vaishali Bihar by Rank vlog