Venture to Adventure....

22nd May 2016

Venturing to adventure sounds elusive in a low budget. But it isn't beyond the bonds of possibility. To travel up to the great an adorable monsoon season...among the clouds...exploring the nature sitting at the top of the mountains blessed with beautiful , lush green a welcoming, pleasurable weather....having some winsome talks with your adored ones sounds trite and vague especially in a low budget. But guess is truly possible. I had my visit to Shillong, Meghalaya last year. Trust me..the pleasurable weather literally took me to another jubilant world. Not just the weather and the beauty, but the culture and the tradition made me even more inquisitive. My interaction with the beautiful , fair complexioned , short, talented people taught me something really good. Though I was there for a short period of time...didn't even felt for a while so. I was so connected to their lifestyle. The unbearable life they spend in those mountains, narrow roads was terrifying...the drudgery they perform for their earnings was even more inspiring. I had fun venturing to different , exhilarating mountain rides , activities, camping , trekking. But interaction with different people was totally apart and even more exciting. Really...travelling different places just get you interacted with the world rather than residing at a place...and even teach you a lot. Travel more...Explore even more.!!!

Photo of Venture to Adventure.... 1/2 by Amolika Tripathi
bamboo products for which shillong is famous for..
Photo of Venture to Adventure.... 2/2 by Amolika Tripathi

enjoyable moments with them...

Photo of Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Amolika Tripathi
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