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East Khasi Hills

The great East Khasi Hills, situated in the state of Meghalaya is an exceptionally pleasant and superb place brimming with stunning landscapes and quiet spots. Visitors rush the area in quest for peace and calmness. East Khasi Hills is a regulatory region in the state of Meghalaya in India. The region base camp are situated at Shillong. The previous Khasi Hills area was partitioned into East and West Khasi Hills areas on 28 October 1976. Shillong which is likewise the capital city of State, is associated with Guwahati and Silchar by NH 44 of 103 km and 240 km individually. The closest Rail head and airplane terminal are arranged at Guwahati. There is an airstrip suitable for small aircrafts and planes at Umroi which is 35 km from Shillong. It is likewise the most crowded area of the state of Meghalaya. This is a very common spot for spending vacations both for families and group of friends.
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With two divisions of Khasi Hills, the western and the eastern, the Eastern Khasi hills has nearly 3000 square kilometer area and is Maghalaya’s most populated are in all seven districts. It is in the eastern Khasi Hills where the state’s capital Shillong is moreover located, making it easier for tourists to travel here. Regular buses, shared taxis, and a 6-lane highway connects the two towns 24*7.The eastern Khasi Hills are moreover often regarded as the most beautiful part of Meghalaya, or the ‘Heaven on earth’ because of the kind of beauty it offers. With a constant canopy of a striking green, the eastern Khasi Hills, are home to a number of natural caves and also India’s longest waterfall. It is moreover in the eastern Khasi Hills where it rains the most in Meghalaya, making it 3000 sq km land greener and fresher and beautiful throughout the year. And this makes eastern Khasi hills too beautiful to be missed. Even searching Google pictures of Megalaya, you will yourself start believing that it is the Eastern Khasi hills that are perhaps the most beautiful.