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🗓 Best Time To Visit:October to March

⏰ Open Hours:Open all day

🧭 Distances:40 km from Udaipur city, 79 km from Udaipur railway station, 87 km from Udaipur airport

💰 Budget:No entry fee, but guided tours may cost around INR 200-500

👥 Traveller Types:History buffs, Photography enthusiasts, Adventure seekers

📍 Known For:Historical significance, Battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap Memorial, Chetak Smarak

🏞️ Things To Do:Explore the historical site, Visit nearby attractions like Badshahi Bagh, Photography

📌 Tips:Carry water and sun protection during summers, Be respectful towards the historical significance of the place

🍴 Nearby Eateries:Few local restaurants and eateries are available in the vicinity

🏨 Nearby Accommodation:Several hotels and guest houses are available in Udaipur city

🚍 Accessibility:Accessible by road, with regular buses from Udaipur city

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Haldighati: A Historic Site of Maharana Pratap’s Valour in Udaipur

Are you looking for a place to visit in Rajasthan that combines history, culture, and nature? If yes, then you should consider Haldighati, a historic site of Maharana Pratap’s valour in Udaipur. Haldighati is a mountain pass in the Aravalli Range that witnessed one of the most fierce and memorable battles in Indian history. Here, you can learn about the heroic deeds of Maharana Pratap and his loyal horse Chetak, who fought against the mighty Mughal army in 1576 AD.

You can also explore the Maharana Pratap Memorial and Museum, which pay tribute to the legend and his legacy. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Haldighati, and why you should add it to your bucket list.

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The Battle of Haldighati: A Fierce Fight for Freedom

Haldighati derives its name from the yellow-colored soil of the region, which resembles turmeric (haldi in Hindi). The place is famous for being the site of the Battle of Haldighati, which took place on June 18, 1576 AD. The battle was fought between Maharana Pratap, the ruler of Mewar, and Raja Man Singh, the general of Mughal emperor Akbar. The battle was a result of Maharana Pratap’s refusal to accept Akbar’s supremacy and join his imperial court.

The battle was one of the shortest battles in Indian history, lasting for only four hours. However, it was also one of the most intense and significant battles, as it showcased the courage and determination of Maharana Pratap and his army. Despite being outnumbered and outmatched by the Mughals, Maharana Pratap fought valiantly and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. He was aided by his faithful horse Chetak, who carried him to safety after he was wounded. Chetak, however, succumbed to his injuries and died in his master’s arms. Maharana Pratap erected a small monument for his horse at the place where he fell. The cenotaph still exists at Haldighati and is visited by many tourists.

The Battle of Haldighati was inconclusive in terms of victory or defeat, but it was a moral victory for Maharana Pratap and his followers. It proved that he was not willing to compromise his dignity and sovereignty for Akbar’s favor. It also inspired many other Rajput rulers to resist Akbar’s domination and join Maharana Pratap’s cause. The battle is considered as a symbol of Rajput pride and honor, and is celebrated every year on June 18.

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The Maharana Pratap Memorial and Museum: A Tribute to a Legend

To commemorate the spirit and valour of Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak, the Government of India commissioned the construction of the Maharana Pratap National Memorial in 1997. The memorial is located on a hilltop near Haldighati and features a life-sized bronze statue of Maharana Pratap riding Chetak. The statue is 11 feet high and weighs 7 tonnes. It depicts Maharana Pratap charging towards the enemy with his spear in hand. The statue is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a panoramic view of the valley below.

The memorial also houses a museum that displays many weapons and paintings related to the Battle of Haldighati and the history of Mewar. You can see swords, shields, spears, daggers, bows, arrows, guns, cannons, helmets, armors, coins, stamps, maps, portraits, murals, and more. You can also watch a light and sound show that narrates the story of Maharana Pratap and his struggle against Akbar. The show is conducted in Hindi and English languages and lasts for about 20 minutes.

The memorial and museum are open from 8 AM to 7 PM every day. The entry fee is Rs. 30 per person for adults and Rs. 10 per person for children. The light and sound show fee is Rs. 35 per person.

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Other Attractions Near Haldighati: Explore More of Rajasthan’s Beauty

Haldighati is not only a historical site but also a gateway to many other attractions that showcase Rajasthan’s beauty and diversity. Here are some of the nearby places that you can visit after exploring Haldighati:

The Japanese Rock Garden:

This is a serene and scenic spot that features rock formations, waterfalls, and bonsai trees. The garden was created by a Japanese artist named Kuka Fujiwara, who was inspired by the landscape of Haldighati. The garden is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. The garden is open from 9 AM to 6 PM every day. The entry fee is Rs. 20 per person.

The Moti Mahal:

This is a remnant of one of the forts of Udaipur, and was once the home of Maharana Pratap’s father Maharana Udai Singh. The palace is situated on a hill overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake. It has a beautiful architecture and offers a stunning view of the lake and the city. The palace is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. The entry fee is Rs. 10 per person.

The Chaitri-Gulab garden:

This is a rose garden that is famous for its ‘Chaitri-Gulab’, a variety of rose that blooms only in March and April. The garden also produces original rose water and ‘Gulkand’, a jam made from rose petals that has medicinal value. You can buy these products from the garden or from the nearby shops. The garden is open from 8 AM to 6 PM every day. There is no entry fee for the garden.

The Balicha Village:

This is a village that is known for its terracotta crafts and pottery. You can see the artisans making various items such as pots, vases, lamps, idols, toys, and more. You can also buy these items from the village or from the nearby markets. The village is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. There is no entry fee for the village.

Haldighati is a place that offers a rich and fascinating experience for history buffs, culture lovers, and nature enthusiasts. It is a place where you can learn about the heroic deeds of Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak, who fought for their freedom and dignity against Akbar’s army.

It is also a place where you can explore the Maharana Pratap Memorial and Museum, which pay tribute to the legend and his legacy. Moreover, it is a place where you can enjoy the scenic beauty and charm of the nearby attractions, such as the Japanese Rock Garden, the Moti Mahal, the Chaitri-Gulab garden, and the Balicha Village.

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If you are looking for a memorable and enriching trip in Rajasthan, you should definitely visit Haldighati and experience its history, culture, and nature.

So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Haldighati today and discover the historic site of Maharana Pratap’s valour in Udaipur.

Haldighati Reviews

After having our breakfast, we started for Haldighati. Haldighati is around 50 km from Udaipur. On the way we visited Eklingji Temple. After reaching Haldighati, we spent time in Rana Pratap memorial and museum. Then we went to Rakht Talai, the large bowl like natural structure between the hills, was filled with the blood of the brave warriors of the battle between Maharana Pratap and Mughal Emperor. During our return back to Udaipur, we visited Shrinathji Templeat Nathdwara and also visited Saheliyon-ki-Bariat Udaipur. In the evening, we joined the cultural program at Bagore-Ki-Haveli.The day ended at Hotel.
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