A week in Udaipur

1st Jun 2021

One of the most memorable trip in my life so far is Travelling to Udaipur (The city of lakes)

So I started my journey from New Delhi via train and reached Udaipur. For all of you travelling from Delhi to Udaipur, I suggest to take the train as it is way much cheaper than flights. And for the rest who are travelling from other part of India or the world can take the affordable mode of transportation.

Things to do before reaching to Udaipur

1.Book your hotel near to the City palace (most important)

2.Always take local cab services such as OLA,Uber or Book a cab via your hotel.

3.Use GPS to navigate from point A to point B.

So coming back to the trip and why it was memorable.

The day when I reached Udaipur it was raining and the rain created a very cosy and comfortable weather for me to travel. For all the travellers travelling to Udaipur my recommendation would to to travel during winters as summers in Udaipur are extremely hot. Now let us start with our day one in Udaipur.

On the very first day after a long journey I would recommend you to visit City palace which is located on the banks of the wonderful lake pichola and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the lake and the City palace and spend few hour before we head to the next destination which is around 700m away via cab.

But before heading to the next location, lets head for lunch in the famous Taj lake palace which is also based in the middle of the lake but right opposite to the City palace. For the next destination in day 1 we are heading to the Jag mandir palace which is location in the middle of the Lake pichola offer the most wonderful view of the lake. After we reach the Jag mandir palace let us call it a day and enjoy the sunset from the palace.