7th Aug 2018

By Pritika Arjun Kumar. Pritika is a writer at PennySaviour whose mission is to deliver eye-catching information to passionate readers. She loves to explore different places and share it with her readers. She specializes in content creation and storytelling and has strong analytical skills that help her to deliver in-depth and informative articles.

Photo of Dubai 1/5 by Pritika Arjun Kumar

"It won't be easy as it seems you're quite young" said the Professor when I told him that I wanted to work in Dubai.

However, I finally got my wings and on August 15th, 2018, I boarded my flight. It is said Dubai is a land of dreams and only those who are willing to face hardship and dedication can survive.

Dubai is well known for its tourism, luxury shopping malls, ultra-modern architecture and lively nightlife. This city of light came into existence on December 2nd, 1971, and is now amongst the world's fast-growing.​My struggle to find a perfect job and explore Dubai got underway, starting the day with scheduling interviews and discovering new places with Google maps.

​Although Dubai is well known for its modern luxury goods it has preserved its old culture. Nowhere is this more in evidence than on Dubai Creek where old traditional boats are amongst the visitor attractions.

Further away, the Meena Bazaar invades the senses with the smell of the traditional spices and perfumes, and cultural outfits are irresistible.

The modern art and technology used in metros, lavish shopping malls such as the Dubai mall and Mall of the Emirates is in complete contrast.

​I had heard a lot about Burj Khalifa and the light show that takes place on the Emaar tower every day along with the fountain dance. I couldn't wait to see it and was not disappointed, it was truly a jaw-dropping experience.

Photo of Dubai 2/5 by Pritika Arjun Kumar
Photo of Dubai 3/5 by Pritika Arjun Kumar
Photo of Dubai 4/5 by Pritika Arjun Kumar

Another experience I enjoyed was the traditional food and authentic cuisine that I tasted along my journey. When it comes to sweetness you can't ignore Knafeh, Arabic desert, Falafel and Al Machboos. These are dishes I had to try. For those wanting a more global cuisine there are lots of fast-food chains and many ethnic restaurants such as Italian, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani.

As a solo female traveller was stunned by the Dubai Gold Souk. It is located in the commercial business district in Deira, in the locality of Al Dhagaya. It offers an amazing display of gold jewellery and accessories.​I also sampled the amusements, although these are best enjoyed with friends and loved ones. Miracle garden, Marina beach, Dubai skies, Global village - they are all worth exploring.

Photo of Dubai 5/5 by Pritika Arjun Kumar

Dubai is a twenty-four hour city. When you think it's time to sleep, that's when the people of Dubai party hard. Barasti is the most popular club where you get to see the best of both worlds, the Dubai skyline on one side and Persian Gulf on the other. There is no dress code In Barasti, ripped jeans to an LBD, flip-flop to high heels, anything goes. If you're a party animal then you will love the relaxing and rejuvenating feeling that Barasti delivers.

Just when I thought that I had finally discovering Dubai. I discovered the Desert Safari. Spending the night under an Arabian sky was a magical experience with a bonfire, traditional cuisine and belly dancing.

Discovering Dubai was a memorable experience, whether exploring it from long night-time walks to early morning rush; it was a delightful journey.

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