Luxury Holidays: Dubai

7th Mar 2014
Photo of Luxury Holidays: Dubai 1/8 by Tsai Wharton
Iconic and must-see nightlife venues: Bar 360
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View of the Barasti bar
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Most memorable Desert Safari
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Luxury Holidays in Dubai
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The marvelous Madinat Jumeirah
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Great ambience at Pierchic
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Dubai from the skies
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Inside the elegant Nina's

Land. Gold. Women. There is no other place on Earth that can do justice to these words all by itself. There is one or the other thing piece missing. But Dubai has revealed itself as an infrastructural haven which in no way fails to provide a tourist with high standards of service and travel. This beautiful and posh emirate of UAE is truly worth a visit in spite of the overwhelming sunshine.  Pick any date and Dubai will surprisingly still be the perfect weekend getaway destination. If you are looking for a trip with good value for money, ensure Dubai races its way to your bucket list. Say Hello to Middle East!

Only a six hour hop from London and minimal time made it an easy choice. The hot and humid climate is one of the concerns for most travelers. End of October to March is a time I would personally recommend for your visit. If you are planning one of those luxury holidays, the hotel beaches would be ideal for you. But if you are looking for something a little more intrepid, the seaplane experience which takes you over the sparkling waters of Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands is a must. Unlike the common idea of Dubai being a place to only shop, devour exotic food and live under the plush chandeliers, one can actually unleash their adventurer self in this country. After seaplane, the exclusive desert experience (desert safari) is something that everyone who doesn’t come from such countryside should experience.

Another thing synonymous with Dubai is the extremely tempting yet tad piquant palate of food it serves. It is a host to some of the most amazing restaurants in the world. A few high class dining places are Nobu, Zuma and Rivington Grill. But Pier Chic is something one must not miss. Madinat Jumeirah has one of the most beautiful and scenic locations in the world. Nina's is another favourite place of mine. Accustomed to British weather that doesn't allow having an open air bar, I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity in Dubai. For the same I would recommend Bar 360 which is one of Dubai's iconic venues. If you in search of something more casual head to Barasti. The licensed venues to buy alcohol are hotels. So the nightlife centres and 4-5 star hotels/resorts can end up being expensive. You will find lots of great cafes and restaurants in Dubai Marina, Bur Dubai, Downtown Jumeirah and other areas that are not licensed to sell alcohol but definitely worth a visit.

According to how much you are willing to shell out for accommodation,  Madinat Jumeirah is a resort consisting of three hotels of varying prices. Mina S'alam, Al Qasr and Dar Al Masyaf lays claim to Dubai's longest private beach. If you are on a tight budget, renting a self catered apartment in Dubai Marina is your best option.

When here, don’t be insolent to the culture and traditional way of life of the natives. As a traveler one must remember to respect the traditions of the place we are in. Driving through the sand, boarding down the dunes, riding camels into the sunset and ending the night in true Arabic style with a feast under the stars is a perfect way to bid goodbye to one of the finest luxury holidays in one of the most lavish countries on Earth.

Travel Tips-

June to September temperature reaches 40s.The rain can be torrential for a day or two in January and February on occasion. At night, temperatures can get as low as 7C in January even if it’s in the twenties in the day. So pick a month which you will be most comfortable travelling.

As in any other Arab country, it is advisable for the ladies not to wear short skirts, shorts, and dresses or have bare shoulders in public places. It may be relaxed in hotels but appropriate dressing if something one must take cognizance of so as not be reprimanded.

Ramadan is the fasting month of Muslims. No one including tourists can eat, drink or even smoke in public places during the time of fast which is from dawn to first prayer at dusk. This bears exception to pregnant women, young children and people who are ill. Live or loud music can also not be played in bars or restaurants. So it is best to check the calendar and then book your tickets as this holy month changes throughout the year.

One of the best ways to spend a weekend is flying over the pristine waters of Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands. Get a picturesque view of the skyline of Dubai. You can marvel at the architectures below and be at the receiving end of this magnificent visual treat. This is totally a once in a lifetime experience.
Photo of Seaplane experience by Tsai Wharton
Dubai is pretty popular for its Desert Safaris. There are many companies that offer a variety of desert experience. Have the finest experience of driving through the sands and riding the camels in the sunset and ending the day with an elegant feast in the open.
Photo of Desert experience by Tsai Wharton
According to me, there are hardly any few restaurants that can provide a better package of beautiful ambience, excellent service and exquisite food than Pierchic. If you are in Dubai make sure you book a reservation here.
Photo of Pierchic - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Tsai Wharton
Located at the end of the pier on Al Qasr beach, Madinat Jumeirah has been voted Dubai's most romantic restaurant as well as best seafood restaurant time and time again. It is also one of the best places for accommodation. There are over 40 restaurants, bars and lounges, one of the Middle East's biggest and most luxurious spas, a souk that sells everything and a theatre! Every guest automatically gets free entry to the adjacent Wild Wadi Waterpark which usually costs £40 per person and is well worth a visit if you are interested in a quick dip or serene long swim. With flow riders, tube rides, lazy rivers and many rides against the backdrop of the Burj Al Arab visible from anywhere in the park. There is no reason to give this place a miss.
Photo of Madinat Jumeirah - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Tsai Wharton
Nina's is settled in the Arabian Courtyard side of the One and Only Royal Mirage Resort. The rooftop has a very romantic setting and is ideal to have a drink at the rooftop bar in comfortable seating. This place serves amazing Indo-European cuisine.
Photo of Nina's by Tsai Wharton
Everyone visiting Dubai needs to add this place to their "Must-visit nightlife venues" list. This stylish rooftop lounge is located in the Arabian waters and is part of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. You couldn't have asked for a better location as Burj Al Arab is in the background.
Photo of Bar 360 by Tsai Wharton
Barasti is a place you go when you need a more casual setup to hang out. It is a beach side bar, that is part of Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, on Al Sofouh Road. The drinks are reasonably priced. It's an ideal location if you looking for a spot to dance all night barefoot on the sand to some lively, groovy music. Travel Tip- Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest nights.
Photo of Barasti - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Tsai Wharton