"I worked 4 jobs, 110 hours a week": The Real Truth Behind 'Quit Your Job & Travel the World' 


"Quit your job, pack your bags and travel!"

You've seen it as a quote, or as someone's status on Facebook, maybe they’ve told you this face to face. But don't fall for it. While there are many good reasons for quitting your job, there are also a number of reasons to consider hanging in there. Travel is one of them.

It's easy to romanticise the idea of quitting your job and travelling the world, because who doesn't want to trade their soul-sucking job for a relaxing life on a tropical paradise? But there are issues that most people on the world wide web don't consider before taking the plunge.

While, yes, it certainly can be done, it doesn't come without hardships. Ask Karolina Valeikaite.

Born and raised in Lithuania, Karolina studied photography at Middlesex University in London. Right after graduation, she started working in the fashion industry only to realise that fashion is not her calling!

"I worked for a year in the high fashion industry when I felt something was missing in my life. You probably know what I'm talking about - waking up in the morning and already looking forward to being back in bed."

Things started to change when she met her boyfriend, Marco Coppola, who already had plans to leave London and go travelling.

While Marco had a significant amount of savings to materialise his plans, this was not the case with Karolina and that is when she decided to take up four jobs, yes, F–O–U–R jobs!

"I, naturally, got hooked to the idea of travel pretty fast and then we started planning our travels. He already had some savings, but my clock was ticking. I had four months to save money for our travel starting from zero. I took up four jobs and dedicated myself to money saving, sometimes working hundred and ten hours a week."

And how was her experience?

"It was hell, but absolutely worth it. I ate only at work, as I didn't have any days off there was nothing I could spend my money on apart from rent. After that I started renting my own room, and would often crash at my friend's couch. You don't need to go that extreme obviously, but my point is if I did, anyone can if there is enough willpower!"

After working rigorously for four months, Karolina and Marco left London with excessive excitement and all of Karolina's photography gear.

Have a look at their beautiful journey so far:

#1 Myanmar

#2 Morocco

#3 Cambodia

Because all this luxurious travelling requires this thing called money, they decided to find a job during their travels and offered to be operation managers at a resort in Koh Rong Island, Cambodia.

They are currently living a beach life and planning to be back on the road in March.

Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.

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