Seychelles ~ A Paradise

3rd Oct 2019
Photo of Seychelles ~ A Paradise by sanve denve
Day 1

Popularly known as Hawaii of the indian ocean among gulf countries, seychelles is a small country roughly the size of a small city of india. The country can be visited all around via four wheeler, took-took or even by chopper by island hopping. Mostly famous for the renowned and glittery beaches all around, many of the beaches have been shot for Hollywood movies and celebrity wedding and honeymoon destination.

Day 1 for me was just like going around port victoria and seeing around the city. My accomodation was in the Savoy hotel( its costly and might end up to 20k rupee in any season). I wasn’t worried about my accommodation because it was all paid for me. But the hotels are quite costly. In the evening you can go to the yachts for party. I went to clubbing on a place called ‘Boardwalk’. The most amazing thing about it was ‘FREE ENTRY’. The ratio of girls to boys was marginally high and thankfully got a beautiful french date. That’s how i ended my first day in seychelles.

sunrise in cannoy

Photo of Seychelles by sanve denve


Photo of Seychelles by sanve denve

with my gopro7 in savoy

Photo of Seychelles by sanve denve
Photo of Seychelles by sanve denve
Photo of Seychelles by sanve denve
Day 2

I woke up with the beach view next morning. It was all green deep blue water. So colourful that i wanted to sink to it. I started my journey by seeing the view point ‘ roche caiman’. I could gaze entire Victoria town. Thereafter went to see how people make Takamaka. There are lot of tracks around the countryside. If you are eager to go for then you will definitely get these. Don’t forget to go to ‘La digue’. It will cost you hardly 4000 rupee and a fairy will take you there. It is crowned as the best photogenic beach in the world.