My First Backpackers Hostel Experience - Goa


Being in the hostel for 10 plus years for my education I had decided not to stay in the hostel for many reasons. But recent trends of backpackers hostel made my mind change to stay in the hostel. I know institute college hostels and backpackers hostel are way different but never experienced backpackers hostel before.I heard a lot about backpackers hostel, wanted to experience backpackers hostel at least once in a lifetime.

Where to go?? I had a long weekend so decided to Goa, its near to me and I have not visited before. North Goa has many backpackers hostel than South Goa. Searched many websites for backpackers hostel and almost every hostel had good ratings. I was searching for the female dorm but almost every hostel's female dorm was full. I wanted to do a solo trip but it never happened this time I ended up going with my brother ( i had a wish to go with him).Yes, my brother!!. For the first time, we were going a trip. So I started searching for a mixed dorm. It was easily available. So much confusion to choose hostel because each one had their own specialty. One hostel had a beach front, the hostel was good but far away from beaches, some had included breakfast, some have air-conditioned dorms for the same rates, some had a bar at the hostel. Finally Based on ratings, reviews I choose FOLKLORE hostel in Vagator, North Goa. I got everything at this hostel.

As soon as we arrived the host Mr.Akshath showed us our bed and took us around the hostel just like how you treat your guest in your home. Its an old house with tile roofing with 4 bedrooms, common areas like veranda, a small library, tv room,shared bathrooms, small kitchen where we can cook ourselves. At the backyard  they have mini bar, mini stage, few hammocks to relax.  

First Day in the dorm, I was the only female in 12-bed dorm rest all were males, though my brother was with me I was regretting my decision until I met few super cool guys. They introduced themselves to me and made me comfortable over there. Hosts had arranged a bonfire and barbecue at the beach for all inmates. That was my first bonfire on the beach. We got know many people from different parts of the world. We spent around 2 hrs on the beach and we left as we were tired. By the end of the day, I didn't have any hesitation to sleep in the mixed dorm. I must say, the inmates were really good.

Photo of My First  Backpackers Hostel Experience - Goa 1/5 by Chaithra Kowshik

Next day we got another dorm because we had extended our stay. More or like it was a female dormitory. As usual gossips, there was no end to stop, and some weird experiences with a female who would eat at midnight after everyone slept and bitching over phone whole night.

Photo of My First  Backpackers Hostel Experience - Goa 2/5 by Chaithra Kowshik
Image source : FB folklore page.Dormitory looks like this

The hostel was so peaceful, though it had people around 40 members, no hustle bustle in and around. In the morning everyone used to wish me with smile or I used to wish them as a sweet gesture. I badly remembered my hostel days because we never used to smile at unknown people ( don't know why we used to do like that).

Photo of My First  Backpackers Hostel Experience - Goa 3/5 by Chaithra Kowshik

Most of the discussion happens while having breakfast most of the topics would be on culture, politics, sports etc. If you are lucky enough you will get to see someone would be playing guitar in the evening, a kind of jam session. Another day late night we all together watched a horror movie( in between I slept also). The funniest part was deciding which movie has to be played on the Tv. Our day was spent mostly by sightseeing. We did not get much time to spend the day.

Photo of My First  Backpackers Hostel Experience - Goa 4/5 by Chaithra Kowshik
Image source : FB folklore page
Photo of My First  Backpackers Hostel Experience - Goa 5/5 by Chaithra Kowshik
Image source : FB folklore page

Many of them were been spending their days just by staying in hostel and chilling. I really wanted to spend more days in a backpackers hostel. So next time I have planned to go on long vacation and get some more experience.

Overall I would say

Cost : Its affordable 500Rs/Night/person( with breakfast)

Stay: Awesome with clean and cozy beds and moreover super cool hosts and inmates

Place to visit nearby : Walk able distance to Vagator beach and Chapora fort

Some tips: a) Travel alone if you want to experience the backpacker's hostel. Not more than 2.

b) Interact with people you will get to know many things, help each other.

c)This is my experience, it all depends on the people who are staying over there. Most of the time it will not be boring.