Where the Backwaters and the Beach Come Together: Cherai 


While travelling to the South, have you ever been confused about what to see and where to stay? The serene backwaters or the bustling beach? What if you found a place that gives you both?

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After our 3 day love affair with Wayanad (Read our blog on Wayanad), we left it to our car to decide where to take us.

On cruising through the coastline for a while, we randomly decided to go to Cherai for the next leg of our journey. Wayanad to Cherai is around 230 km which took us about 9 hours to complete (with our oh-so-chill pit stops). Cherai, the smallest town located in the north of Vypin island, Kerala is as unique as it is beautiful. Beaches on one side and the backwaters the other, need we say more?

Since it was going to be late by the time we reached (again!), we decided to book a hotel just for a night. Eventually, around 9pm, we ended up in front of this peculiar stretch which looked like an almost never-ending road, running parallel to the Cherai Beach. That entire stretch only had resorts, homestays, budget hotels and restaurants. Our hotel for that one night was the Cherai Natural Beach Hotel located right at the beginning of this stretch.

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We hate staying in standard and quintessential hotel rooms and felt really disappointed with our hotel. Our rooms need to have either a view or at least some character. Well, this one had neither, apart from this particular chair that Tarun that fell in love with!

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Three beaches in one

The next morning we took it upon ourselves to explore that stretch first and get ourselves a unique stay experience. While walking, we noticed that the stretch, called the Beach Road (of course!) was divided into 3 beaches:

1. Cherai Beach

2. Ambedkar Beach and

3. Kuzhupilly Beach

After a fair bit of research, at the Kuzhupilly Beach, we found just the kind of place we were looking for! The Chameleon Beach Lodge not only had loads of character, but also a pretty good view of the beach. Amazingly enough, the hotel was in front of a part of the beach lined with rocks which made it feel that it was our own private beach and boy did we enjoy that feeling!!

The backwaters

To our surprise, right behind our hotel, we discovered the gorgeous and oh so famous, backwaters of Kerala. The two scenes are worlds apart and feel just as different as they look.

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The best part is that there are these thin village in-roads that one can take (with a vehicle or without) to explore each path even more. The network of these village streets is so dense that there was this one time, when we got a bit too lost along the way! But thankfully, the locals are terribly sweet and don’t miss an opportunity to help out and thanks to them, we were soon on the right track again.

Paradesi Synagogue: The Clock Tower

The next morning, we went for a drive around the area to seek out the popular Clock Tower of Cherai. The Paradesi Synagogue was built in 1568 A.D by descendants of Spanish, Dutch and other European Jews. It has served as a functioning synagogue through-out the centuries, and preserves a unique record of Jewish presence in India. The clock tower was added later in 1760.

Photo of Paradesi Synagogue, Synagogue Lane, Jew Town, Kappalandimukku, Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala, India by The Trip Seekers

A long thin curved staircase takes you to the top of the clock tower so that you can take in the gorgeous Cherai panorama. However, when we reached atop, we witnessed something magical…

Water sports galore

The Neptune Water Sports at the Cherai Beach is the most fun place to spend your day. The crew is so entertaining that whether you’re 5 or 50, they make sure it’s an adventurous experience for you.

Photo of Where the Backwaters and the Beach Come Together: Cherai by The Trip Seekers

They boast of having all kinds of water sports at your disposal. From Catamarans to Jet Skis to Windsurfing and Kayaking and what not. We spent the entire day there just swimming, eating, and indulging in one sport after another. But our favourites were Catamaran and Kayaking for sure. It’s a different adventure to Kayak in the sea, especially when you have to fight your way back through the waves to reach ashore!

The best massage ever!

When in Kerala, you have to get an oil massage right?

Photo of Where the Backwaters and the Beach Come Together: Cherai by The Trip Seekers

One random morning while walking along the same Beach Road, we decided to gift ourselves the quintessential Kerala oil massage. While, almost all the resorts offered their own spa and massages, we were looking for something a bit more authentic.

Prakruthi Ayurveda Spa & Treatment Centre is the ONLY place you want to get a massage at in Cherai! IT WAS THE BEST MASSAGE OF OUR LIFE!

They provide focussed massages, treatments, products and so much more. They have gender segregated rooms and extremely professional masseuses. The feeling when you wake up from a trance – light, happy and floaty is exactly how you feel after the massage. After the massage, they ask you to take a seat in a traditional wooden box for a steam and then show you to the shower.

Since Namrata often experiences cervical spasms, we bought their magical Murrivenna Oil which literally means wound-oil. It is so good that has now become a staple at our house and travel kit. Works like magic for most aches and even leaves an amazing scent behind.

The Sliver land Cherai, is such a feast for the eyes. Turn one way and you see the waves crashing against the beach, turn the other and you see the calm stillness of the backwaters, and look straight ahead to see a narrow road snaking through little beach side shanty restaurants and coconut and pine trees. Cherai offers a unique combination rimmed by lush green coconut palms. More than anything else, we felt that this quite little place has something for everyone!

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