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10 Must See Places in Sicily

Yes you’ve guessed it! I have just returned from another annual summer holiday to Sicily. A...

Samantha Hussey
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Swim like a local: Catania's rocky beaches

Weclome to Catania's rocky beaches! Also known as the Scogliera or la Riva dei...


Caffe Cipriani
Pizza L. Vigo 3/4, 95024, Acireale, Sicily
Chiosco Oasis
Corso Italia ang. Via Verga, 95024, Acireale, Sicily
via Dafnica 10, 95024, Acireale, Sicily
Santa Maria la Scala
95024, Acireale, Sicily
Villa Belvedere
Piazza Indirizzo, 95024, Acireale, Sicily

Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, is one of those cities with its own very distinct, almost tangible atmosphere, a place of mystery where reality often outperforms the traveller’s imagination and preconceived stereotypes. Visiting Palermo is still somewhat of an adventure in a world where so many places have become tourist-friendly to a fault. You won’t find many restaurants with menus translated into 5 different languages, you may have trouble communicating in English in many places, and some parts of the old town center have remained untouched since they were bombed during the war.
The Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week is set to take place from May 20-27. Featuring the beau monde from the world of fashion, it is not just a fashion event but a city-wide festival. Even if you don’t get a front-row seat here, attending one of the many after parties in the capital of Valletta is just as glamorous.Durban, South Africa

About Acireale

I debated whether to include this in the top ten or not. Just 5km north of Catania and a short drive from Taormina the town of Acireale doesn’t really offer anything unique in terms of architecture or atmosphere than any other small Sicilian towns nearby. However this small town has become famous for its carnival. It is one of Sicily’s most spectacular cultural events and one of the largest & most frequented carnivals in Italy. With its dizzying array of floats, dancing schools, concerts and confetti parades not to mention lashings of food and wine, the Carnevale di Acireale offers fun for all the family and a fascinating insight into how Sicilians have a good time! The carnival normally runs around January – February or March however we visited in August for Notte Bianca (its a night when all the shops in Acireale and other towns stay open until midnight) and they had the floats and carnival then. If you plan on visiting to see the carnival I would check out Acireale Commune Page via Google first!

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