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Revisiting The Silk Route via Tajikistan

By silk route we mean the trade corridor which connected Asia with Europe by its cultural interac...

Wild Frontiers - Tajikistan

Welcome to Tajikistan!Tajikistan, a Central Asian country rarely visited by foreigners is one of ...

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Route into, Gread Silk Road Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Turkmenistan

Great Silk Road As a Destination Management Company Sole Vita in Central Asia we offer you the se...

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About Khujand

Back to my exploration, I had enough time to venture out the places like Rudaki Park, Somoni Statue, Tajikistan Palace, Rudaki Statue to Ayni Opera and Ballet theatre etc. The major part was an indelible trip to Khujand, second largest city in the northern most province. Khujand is also considered as the oldest city, approximately 2500 years old, sits on the banks of Syr river. It was around 6 hours drive through some kicksmacking landscapes, passing through Zeravshan Range, Turkestan Mountain and 10-12 km long tunnels up in the Himalayas. Almost half of Tajikistan is situated in an elevation of 3,000 meters with a maximum elevation of 5,500 meters.

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