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Konye-Urgench is a small town home to the UNESCO World Heritage site Urgench, which contains the un-excavated ruins of the 12th-century capital of Khwarezm. Once it was the centre of the Islamic world, and today it lies almost at the end of it with unpaved roads leading to the town. It is unique, with the ruins of past buried underground and the sparse development of present hinting at the former glories.Must see: The geometrical patterns of Turabeg Khanym Complex reflecting a calendar with the 365 sections on the sparkling mosaic underside of the dome, representing the days of the year; 24 pointed arches immediately beneath the dome representing the hours of the day; 12 bigger arches below representing the months the year; and four big windows representing the weeks of the month; Gutlug Timur Minaret, the only surviving part of Old Urgench’s main mosque; Nejameddin Kubra Mausoleum, the famous Sufi pilgrim centre and a mausoleum believed to have healing powers; the Il-Arslan Mausoleum, Konye-Urgench’s oldest standing monument; Sultan Tekesh Mausoleum with a conical turquoise dome; the mound of graves called the Kyrk Mollais a curious attraction as you can see young women rolling down the hill in a fertility rite.

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