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The day we crossed the Zuluk Loops. BTW do you even lift, bro?Phadamchen to Dhupidara (8000 ft – 11,500 ft).Distance: 24 kmsThe leg day continued on April 2 and this was personally a special part of the journey for me since it was the day we crossed the Zuluk Loops, the 32 hairpin bends that have been on my bucket list for years. Little did I know that I'd be pedalling along this spectacle of a route one day.Even before we reached Zuluk, I'd been cycling for kilometres on the winding roads mistaking the route for the famous Zuluk Loops. On reaching the Zuluk settlement for lunch, my heart sank when I noticed the real the Zuluk Loops were on the mountain that awaited us higher up on the route. When I finally rode on those roads that did not have much elevation, but whose turns on corners forced me to drag the bike on some occasions, it was a dream come true.Blame the erratic weather of the mountains for helping us witness the best and worst of Zuluk in a single day. Three kilometres before we could reach Dhupidara, the pitstop for the day, I noticed hailstones knocking on my windcheater and in the next 10 minutes, we loaded our bicycles on a pickup truck. By the time we crossed the next 3km, hailstones had coved the entire road.

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