Ecuador: The Middle of the World

My wife and I recently did a week long trip to the South American country of Ecuador. Ecuador had...

Mohit Samant
Banos: Adventure budget travel

I love the outdoors and I love adventure related activities. The problem though, is that they are...


Portal a la selva
Km.27 de la via Puyo-Macas, sector El paraiso., Puyo EC160150
Yana Cocha
Via Puyo Tena, Puyo
Parque Etnobotanico Omaere
Paseo Turistico del Rio Puyo, Del Malecon Cruzando El Puente Peatonal, Puyo

It feels very different from Mexico or Guatemala here. Downtown Guayaquil is a lively place. The "malecon" is a walkway along the river. It is a haven in the city. The gardens along the "malecon" have a wide variety of exotic trees. From this point on the Malecon 2000, it takes only 5-10minutes to walk to the cathedral: There is the statue of Simon Bolivar in front of the cathedral. The "parque de iguanas" is by the cathedral with the statue of Bolicar. They are fed lettuce, cabbage and banana peels. Right on the plaza is a mall. We went to the terminal terrestre to get our bus tickets to Loja tomorrow. It's 10 USD per person and it will take 8-9 hours. This bus station is immense and modern.The bus ride ended up being gruelling. Next time, we'll chose another option for travel.

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