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This city has been lost in time, which makes it a fantastic place to visit on your next trip to Italy. The main highlight of the town is the annual horse race that takes place between the competing districts of the town. The main square is made into a horse track and everyone gathers around to watch a man from each district race the chosen horse, bareback, around the track. The first mounted horse to cross the finish line wins the race, plus the title for their district. If you’re not able to visit during the horse race, there are still plenty of things to check out during your trip. Start in the main square with the Piazza del Campo. You can’t miss the hovering bell tower, beautiful fountains and open brick area. The buildings that surround the Campo are tall and close together, leaving much to the imagination as they let you through narrow openings into the city streets. The city maintains a lot of its historical significance with well-maintained buildings, basilicas and street shops. You can easily spend a couple days exploring all of the nooks and crannies in this beautiful city.

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Best time to visit Siena is from March to May and November


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