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If you are not visiting the lake, one can go half way to it and visit Thangu after which it is a cold desert compared to the likes of Ladakh. Thangu at 14000 feet was the last human settlement before the lake. En route we stopped for breakfast and had some bread, yak butter, jam, tea and eggs. You'll have a hard time trying to melt the butter.We stopped at Tsopta Valley at Thangu. An open area in between the high mountains, a snake like river flowing from the high glaciers almost frozen, small wooden houses at its banks with beautiful flowers growing around and the pure azure skies above. This is heaven or what? Here we found our childish selves and played with the snow and made snow men. Unable to go ahead to Gurudongmar Lake due to the non Indian passports that two from our group were carrying, we returned back to Lachen, had lunch, bid farewell to the lovely family and departed.

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Best time to visit Thangu Valley is from April to June and from September to October
Thangu Valley

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