Alun Alun Jogja : Fairytale Evening

Photo of Alun Alun Jogja : Fairytale Evening by Yousuf Mohammed

Though every city has some special trait in it's characteristics, But whenever you get to ask an Indonesian, what city would he like to Go first, given a chance? About all might say Jogja (Yogyakarta). I was skeptical about this city in the beginning and when my dear Indonesian Couchsurfing friends kept recommending me to Visit Jogja . I finally made it this August.

This special administrative region of Indonesia is though famous for its culture and high standard university education system, you will still find people talking about other good things. Be it Mountains, beaches, Cultural places, bustling street, pine forest, excellent photography places, good people  and on top of it, it's Alun Alun Jogja.

Alun alun is like the city central park where families come to relax in the evening, every city has it but Jogja Alun Alun is famous for it's fairy-tale cars and vans glittering in colorful Led lighting , marvelous food and a scene to die for... Here is the short video of the Alun alun Jogja.. Do not miss it, if you been to Indonesia ????????

I liked this section because it's completely based on Recycle-ReUse, all old car scrap is turned into paddle able cars and family join to paddle along with fun. Depending about how fancy Car you choose, it will cost you between IDR 60,0000-150,000 ( ₹300-750).