The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism

24th Apr 2022
Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala

Are you looking for ultimate Lakshadweep itinerary? Lakshadweep - the name it self means "a hundred thousand islands" located off the coast of Kerala, the island of Lakshadweep are bestowed with miles of heavenly sun-kissed beaches devoid of the crowds, magnificent lagoons, and turquois blue water brimming with colourful marine life and corals. If you are planning to visit this piece of paradise then look no further - in this trip we shared Lakshadweep itinerary - how to reach , place to stay and things to do.

Day 1

Flight from Mumbai to Kochi and then Kochi to Agatti. The flight from Cochin to Agatti is like a sneak-peak to what your holiday is going to be! The landing is absolutely spectacular. Tiny islands surrounded by azure blue sea for miles. We met the "Go Lakshadweep (" Travel agency . A car was ready to pick us up from the airport and drop to the ferry terminal. We have never seen a ferry terminal as gorgeous as this! We were excited to say the least! We were trying to soak it all in…. We were in PARADISE!

This is how Agatti Airport is surrounded by blue clear water. So pretty isn't?

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala

A short ferry ride with locals and fellow passengers, we reached Bangaram Island. We were floored by the different colors of blue, ranging from a to bright teal, turquoise to a deep, royal blue in the water. The boat ride was comfortable but Extreme, the breeze soothing, salt in the air and sand in my hair. We wondered what took us so long to visit this Paradise.

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala

The first impression on reaching Bangaram was WOW! A tiny island surrounded by azure blue water and picture-perfect white sand beaches, providing you a real Robinson Crusoe experience. But, let me warn you, the accommodation is extremely basic styled with no frills and the tap water has a pungent sulfur odor, having said that the views are mesmerizing.

We had booked three nights in Bangaram, but if we had our way we could spend weeks on the island! The rooms and facilities are much better. We had a cottage facing the sea. The rooms are air-cooled and have a sit out. Helicopter services are available at Bangaram and it is frequented by a lot of VIP and foreign tourists.

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala
Day 2

We decided to skip the island hopping by boat and decided to walk to the back side of Bangaram island called - Sand Bank. It was a beautiful experience to see crystal clear water with different shades and white sand.

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala

Post to Lunch, Ferry from Bangaram island to Thinnakkara (25 minutes ferry ride - cost Rs 600 per person). we decided to visit Thinnakkara island which is famous for it beautiful sunset. We had some romantic photo-shoot by using our On go Tripod before sun sets down. Once the sun sets, the sky is lit by a orange shade. Life is felt in silence, in that moment when what you see before you can no longer be conveyed with words.

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala

After a pleasant evening experience I used to look forward to our candle light dinners on the beach, sand between our toes , the star- lit sky above and the sound of sound waves. Bliss! The food is simple! If you’re a non-vegetarian you’ll love the fresh catch of the day.

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala
Day 3

During our third day stay we engaged ourselves in various activities like Snorkeling, Island hopping, Turtle watch. We both really don't know how to swim but the trainer was so good that he hold us and took us in Arabian Sea to see the beautiful marine life down there and ship wreck. There are no souvenir shops on both the islands – shopping enthusiasts i understand it will be difficult for you.

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala
Day 4

Today was the last day of the trip and we had our checkout at 10 o'clock so we decided to see the sunrise today at the beautiful sand bank, so we got up early and went to the sand bank. When we arrived, we enjoyed beauty of sandbank and then clicked the photos, you can see how much we happy and also the pictures are.

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala

Boat was ready to pick us up from the Bangaram island to agatti ferry terminal and car was ready from Ferry to Agatti airport. We must appreciate the service which we have been provided by GoLakshadweep agency was so smooth and good. Everything was ready and on time. Later to reach airport for our flight back to Cochin and then Mumbai.

Photo of The Coral Paradise - LakshaDweep #TripotoCommunity #DekhoApnaDesh #IncredibleIndia #IndiaTourism by Hardik Ataliwala

Facilities provided by GoLakshadweep ( : The tariff includes Double bed shared AC cottage, Welcome Drink on first day, Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea, Dinner for all 4 days . Apart from this we spent another Rs. 5000-6000 rupees that included snorkelling trips, Mask hiring,, Thinnakkara trip.

Flight tickets from Cochin to agatti roughly cost 9000 INR per person.


Sunscreen – Highly recommend to keep this with you but still you will be tested positive with great tanning.

Sunglasses, hats, and scarves. Avoid Shoes.

Snorkeling set – Though you can hire it from there - Swimming is Mandatory but Boat rider will help you if you are first timer.

Snacks- food available between meals but no shop to buy anything.

Go pro – if you want to capture the underwater world

Toiletries – the toiletries provided are very basic, so it’s better to pack your own. Also the water for bathing is slightly brown and has a strong sulphur smell. Be ready to stay there without bath.

Medicines- Carry the essential medicines. There are no shops at the uninhabited islands.


1. A permit is required to visit Lakshadweep islands. This is arranged by the GoLakshadweep along with our booking.

2. Carry cash as ATM facility is not readily available. Payment at the resorts is also by cash / Google Pay / Phone Pe ( but Network and Internet is very low )

3. Dress modestly on the inhabited islands respecting the local culture.

4. Do not pick up corals as souvenirs. It is a punishable offence

5. There is only one AIR ALLIANCE flight from Cochin to Agatti that operates six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

6. During monsoons there is a helicopter service from Agatti to Bangaram.

7. Specific scuba dive packages are also available but for that swimming is compulsory.

8. Always book through the government GoLakshadweep site or government approved agents.

9. Most of the activities are outdoor, beach activities,

10. Only BSNL 3G and airtel 4G network work on the islands.

I hope you’re convinced to visit the Lakshadweep islands. Have you been there before? Planning a trip? Do let us know and we would be happy to help you.