Kerala – For a Reason

3rd Aug 2014
Photo of Kerala – For a Reason 1/6 by Sumit Bisht
Photo of Kerala – For a Reason 2/6 by Sumit Bisht
Photo of Kerala – For a Reason 3/6 by Sumit Bisht
Sailing the backwaters- Alapphuza
Photo of Kerala – For a Reason 4/6 by Sumit Bisht
Photo of Kerala – For a Reason 5/6 by Sumit Bisht
Photo of Kerala – For a Reason 6/6 by Sumit Bisht

A state, although discovered way back in 1959, was explored by me last year. Yes, it’s Kerala – God’s own country, as it is known fondly. You can visit Kerala at any time, around the year and still you will be mesmerised by the soberness it possesses.

After I attained my engineering degree (Yes I am an engineer!!), when most intellectual graduates prepare to take on their “Dream Job”, I already had this trip in my mind and was ready to scale any mountain, swim any sea or cross any valley that would come my way to visit this impeccable dream destination. I packed my bag and hopped the train that was half an hour late, poised to reach there on time.

After I reached Kerala, I decided to make sure I travel with less stuff (Tip no. 1), it helped getting over a lot of luggage issues. Munnar was on my bucket list for a long long time, never thought I would drop around to see its spell bounding beauty and experience it. Famous for tea-cultivation, the place casts magic over the visitors as they admire its serenity. I was totally flabbergasted by its charm and the beauty it has preserved over the years (Kudos to Kerala Tourism). Best part: Trek to your heart’s content while the clouds slowly descend upon you.

I always thought that Niagara falls were the prettiest until I discovered a place called Marottichal, 20kms from Thrissur. Marottichal is a unique place with jaw-dropping visuals (waterfalls especially) that could easily become any film maker’s dream location. It’s a place that is off the beaten path (Tip no. 2) and offers lot to trekkers and yes, not to forget budding photographers. Best part: Marottichal’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is less explored. Go traverse this spot before others and do not forget to thank me well.

Alappuzha was next, around 130kms from Marottichal, also known as the “Venice of the East”, thanks to its picturesque canals, backwaters, beaches, and lagoons. I was there to witness the audacity of the place which is one-of-its-kind. The backwaters are the most popular tourist attraction in Alappuzha but what I found more fascinating was the boat race (lucky enough to witness it). Get lost in the rustic environment of this place and let the universe determine the rest (Tip no. 3). Best part: Alappuzha is blessed with a rather surreal geographical feature of having the water at level with the land. Capture it, feel it.

As I slowly began to lose my share of expenditure, Kovalam was last on my list and was needed to be explored. It was my first beach experience and it turned out quite dauntless. Without giving next thought I was into capturing-the-beauty-mode and made sure I had back-up of these precious pictures (Tip no. 4). Although Kovalam has 3 exceptionally alluring beaches, the Lighthouse beach is the one to look out for. Its intermittent beams at night render the beach with an unearthly charm and its unparalleled beauty can put any Hawaiian beach to shame. Best part: Head out to take some yoga courses and ayurvedic treatments (if any) as it makes a good base for them.

I chose Kerala for a reason, a reason to get lost on purpose, a reason to discover a place with exquisite demographics, a reason to unwind the anxiety I had and a reason to amplify the traveller in me.

In the words of Ibn Battuta- “Travelling leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller”.

Photo of Kovalam, Kerala, India by Sumit Bisht