My Destiny driven to this Destination

29th Jan 2020
Day 1

A casual talk became a serious discussion which led us to God's Own Country. Yes, it was couple of years back during early summer. Me and my buddy was having a wonderful filter coffee at Tirumangalam center, to relieve ourselves and gain some energy. BTW Tirumangalam is a place in Chennai which is close to Anna Nagar to those who don't know. We are at our usual gathering spot. While we are having casual chat my close buddy who is very interested in traveling, came up with an idea of going to God's Own Country.

He quickly planned trip for a week, at that point i taught he wasn't serious but to my suprise he we did a bit research about the places to visit in Kerala. We found many beautiful places but  i was determinent to visit Allepey which also known as  Alappuzha.

Yem Maya Chesave a movie also known as vinnaithandi varuvaya from the well known film maker from south Mr: Gautham Vasudev Menon.
This movie was shot in and around Allepey, since i watched this movie i wanted to visit this place atleast once in my lifetime. Immediately he to agreed.

Finally the day has come, we got leave approvals luckily. We packed our bags which comes for a week. With just couple of thousands in each of us hand. We took train from Chennai Central to Chennganur which started at half past 7 in the evening. We know it's a 14 hours long journey in the train but i also knew it's going to be fun because im traveling with my close buddy to the place i wanted to visit for quite some time.

We had a long talk, laughed at jokes and discussed on what to do and where to go. Had fun with felow passengers. After few hours of talking we had our dinner and continued talking till the lights were on. Then slowly felt asleep and woke up next morning in place where sorrunded with tall and green trees.

Those moments are wonderful because everything around was green nature. Even the sun light looked green to me passing through those green leaves. After living those moments came to bus station at Chengannur and had typical Kerala chai. Gained all the energy and boarded the bus that takes us to Allepey.

Travelled through those tall trees and curvy hills. Breathing the fresh air and living best moments of life. Watching the water flowing through the faint rocks. Everything looked beautiful, many curves, many trees, many vehicles passing by and many moments.

Nearly after an hour driver decide to take some rest at the road side. It was the best thing happened, because we were able to enjoy the surroundings and capture those in our mobile cameras. Also had a opportunity to taste the local snacks made of bannana and chai.

We finally reached our destination and we had a glance of the back water and boats while passing through. We knew now this place is. Immediately we decided to travel on the boat in that back water.  We hired a private boat for 1k which is 500 per person and for four hours.

We took of on the boat and travelled through the back water. There are few houses and families living there lives in the middle of the back water to our suprise. We stopped by and had little conversations here and there, trying to understand the locals and their living style.

Thanks to our boat driver Gurudev who is so friendly and showed us various places. We tasted  pure, raw and fresh Palm Wine. It was strong but thankfully we had some spicy food which balanced. After few more hours of boating we took bus and reached hotel.

Next day we traveled nearby temples and beautiful churches. Spend sometime traveling and shopping.

Finally we had to pack our bags and started heading to reality in the bus and then to train station at Chengannur.

Though this trip was short had fun and enjoyed a lot. This was few years back and i don't remember everything that took place. Hope i had a good memory to share with you guys.

It's been a long time been to a vacation. Need to plan and execute. So guys please suggest.