KUMBH: 2019 A journey towards spirituality. 

28th Jan 2019

Ganga Aarti at KUMBH (Allahabad) 

Photo of KUMBH: 2019 A journey towards spirituality. by Travel_with_SurajSagar

“In order to truly discover yourself, you need to dig deep within ”.

Human civilization has an immense potential to transcend themselves in any form of belief because what is true to their eyes, is clearly visible to their senses. This year I witnessed the most amazing gathering of human civilization – “A gathering of one spiritual belief – Kumbh”.

We are living in the 21st century, but I literally saw a place where millions and billions of people, diversified in their origin and cultural backgrounds had gathered at a place to worship together for the betterment of the society and its people.

Photo of KUMBH: 2019 A journey towards spirituality. by Travel_with_SurajSagar

A religion of wellbeing who cares for the society and its underprivileged people, feeding thousands in a day and millions in a month for free. In Kumbh, you will notice everyone wearing one color garment which symbolizes Sanathan Dharma. Devotees come to Kumbh to experience a minimal state of lifestyle, and worship the 5 essential elements of survival on the Earth – Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood.

I saw people worshiping and also including these 5 elements of Earth in their daily routine.

• Fire - Fire being the most essential element for survival was used by the locals and the devotees to keep themselves warm in cold winter and also it was used in the daily rituals of Ganga “Arti” – a flame of fire used for the holy purpose.

• Water – Despite dropping temperatures, I saw people taking bath in the holy river Ganga and chanting mantras for their wellbeing at the time of sunrise and sunset.

• Earth – If we go the prehistoric times, people used to sleep on the lap of the earth considering it as their mattress, this was prevalent all over Kumbh, the majority of people slept on bare land in cold winter without any comfort.

• Metals – A large number of people were wearing different types of metal and selling old and vintage metal pieces. Copper was extensively used in their daily rituals of prayer.

• Wood – We as humans are so unaware of the benefits and support nature provides us with to sustain life on earth and among those ones of the very important element is wood. Wood was used by everyone for the purpose of survival and worship both. Wood was used as a fuel to burn fire which helped people in providing heat whereas I also saw Sandalwood was rubbed on a piece of stone and applied to everyone’s forehead in order to keep the state of mind at peace and calm.

Photo of KUMBH: 2019 A journey towards spirituality. by Travel_with_SurajSagar

This is the actual Hindu religion/Hinduism. We use and worship everything which is important for us in order to survive on this planet, but the irony of the time is that majority of the people are unaware of the very simple fact on which the Hindu religion is based upon. I have seen people who rule on the mind of innocent and make them agree on their belief of false faith. They have molded and torn us into different pieces, divided us into superiors and inferiors and into thousands of caste and cultures which has ultimately resulted in discrimination and a society full of power and hate.

For the very first time in India, I witnessed amazing utilization and management of the resources, which resulted in Zero wastage policy. Despite such a huge number of people living at a place under the same roof, I hardly found any kind of litter on the roads of Kumbh. Everything was kept so clean and well maintained that it made me amazed and at the same time I felt proud about my country. The street of Kumbh was lit with street lamps at every 20-30 meters that it did not leave a single inch of land under darkness. I was literally able to drive my vehicle at night even without using headlights.

Photo of KUMBH: 2019 A journey towards spirituality. by Travel_with_SurajSagar

Such commendable way of organizing the whole Kumbh festival really deserved appreciation from my side, but somewhere in my mind I also had thousands of questions.

We all know that India is still a 3rd world country, but after witnessing Kumbh I believe that we have resources which if utilized in the correct way will bring India in the list of developed countries. The only thing which we are expecting is change – Change for the good, good for society, good in terms of our living condition and good in terms of health benefits and crime curbing.

In India, there is still a very large gap between the privileged and the underprivileged that at one place you will find millions of stars shining in the open sky and at some places, there is complete darkness. Today also there are several such small villages and talukas in our country which is in complete darkness and have very less accessibility to electricity, where people wait for the electricity to come so that they can charge their phone in order to talk to their loved ones, children waiting for the electricity so that they can complete their homework. There are still places in our country where the living condition is so inhumane that the poor people are forced to sleep near sewer and garbage and nobody shows even slightest of concern.

Photo of KUMBH: 2019 A journey towards spirituality. by Travel_with_SurajSagar

We have resources and power but the questions are when are we going to use that?

Are we going to use that only when elections are near or when we are promoting religion to the masses to follow them so that politician keep manipulating us in the name of religion or maybe we will only use this resources when the global audience and global politics is taking an interest in our religion or lifestyle?

I really don't have any answers to these questions.

If you have any do let me know and comment your views.

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