Alwar-Weekend Getaway From Delhi.



Traveling has a different connotation to different individuals. I relate to it with peace, healing, exploring, and admiring the wonders of nature. Staying in Delhi many times exhausts an individual and that’s why small staycations to nearby places are always welcome. Fortunately, the metro is surrounded by a few places having historical significance. I always believed Delhi is bliss for any history lover. This is partly because of the number of historical monuments present in the city, but also due to the easy accessibility to the forts and abandoned sites present in the close vicinity. Most of the North Indian history can be understood by visiting Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Being a history buff, I was always curious about the Kachwaha dynasty that ruled Alwar. They hold special significance in Indian history due to their alliance with the Mughals at some point in time. In order to know more about the culture and explore the historical gems of the city, I headed towards Alwar.

Moosi Maharani Ki Chatri Alwar

Photo of Alwar-Weekend Getaway From Delhi. by Ramya


The drive from Delhi to Alwar is of four hours through NH-8. But I would recommend starting early, as the highway connects industrial belts, it is often crowded during the day.


If you start later than nine in the morning, be assured the same journey will stretch another one to two hours.

Evening at Moosi Maharani Ki Chatri

Photo of Alwar-Weekend Getaway From Delhi. by Ramya

It is a beautiful city surrounded by hills, if you are lucky you can see a deer walking on the road.

Check out this deer, walking on the streets of Alwar.

Photo of Alwar-Weekend Getaway From Delhi. by Ramya

The city provides many reasonable staying options, though I opted for Lemon Tree Alwar. The property is located in a premium area, with open fields on the right hand and an unhindered view of Aravalis on the front. The place is well kept and is apt for both business and leisure travelers.

Beautiful view of the public tank, located near Moosi Mahrani Ki Chatri.

Photo of Alwar-Weekend Getaway From Delhi. by Ramya


The museum is highly recommended for a visit. It is divided into 3 parts, the first part house a few of the artifacts of the royal family, and also the stone statutes dating back to the 9th and 10th century. The second part contains famous books like Akbarnama, the old Koran, and various other books of importance. It also contains paintings showcasing the family tree of the royalty and different Malahars. But my personal favorite was the last part which constituted different weapons and costumes of the bygone era. I was thrilled to see the swords used by Akbar and Jahangir in the battle. For the first time, I saw two swords placed in the same hilt. One can not only see the evolution of the weapons but could understand the uncertainties faced by the people of those times. It was a time filled with weapons, hardships, where the kings always have to be on guards to protect their kingdom.

After my historical excursion, I visited the local market and had the famous milk cake which originated from Alwar. I further checked out bangles made from glass and lac. The best thing about Alwar is- the local market, it gives the feel of Jaipur market without that humdrum and the exorbitant prices.

Photo of Alwar-Weekend Getaway From Delhi. by Ramya

Two nights are enough to explore Alwar at length. It would be a wonderful trip, if you are a history buff or nature lover or looking for a weekend getaway.