Visiting Amsterdam on a budget

14th May 2018

The gem of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the city of a hundred canals. Famous as the city of diamonds, it is often called the Venice of the North. This ‘Dam’ of the river ‘Amstel’ has a lot to offer you even if you are travelling on a budget.

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The fantastic architecture and the picturesque canals of Amsterdam are a sight to behold. A mix of 17th century European Baroque architecture reflects in the buildings and palaces of the city. The Royal Palace on Dam Square is one of the historic treasures of Amsterdam.

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If you are a backpacker who wishes to visit Amsterdam on a shoestring budget, here’s your ultimate guide with all the details.

Plan your budget

For fuss free travel, always plan your budget. For a city like Amsterdam your daily spending limit shouldn’t exceed more than €50 to 80 per day. Thankfully, Amsterdam is not that costly.

Time of stay and where to stay?

3 days is a good time to enjoy the brick buildings and the vast skyline wrapped around the rich history of this ancient European city. Throw in a day or two more if you fall in love with the relaxed tone of this city. Hostels or serviced apartments in Amsterdam could be a good option for a backpacker on a budget.

Places to see in Amsterdam & How to visit?

Free walking tours & boat ride in the canals

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Even on a low spend budget you can enjoy Amsterdam in its full glory. There are ample of places to see in Amsterdam on a tight budget. Opt for one those free city tours. Orient yourself with the history and past of the city. Take the Free Europe walking tour. The canals of the city have been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, it’s a must watch for every visitor. Explore the wide canals of the city on a walking tour which might last up to 2-3 hours. You could even hire a private boat canal tour for just €20.

Van Gogh Museum

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The artsy travellers can discover the Van Gogh museum. Filled with exceptional paintings of Gogh, it’s a must see. You can find paintings of other noted artists like Monet and Manet. You could book a 50-minute guided tour at the museum.


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Located in the Museum Square in South Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum stands right next to the Van Gogh museum. It is one of the grandest and most famous museums in Amsterdam. It is the best place to explore more than 800 years of Dutch history, its arts and culture.

The Anne Frank House

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There are other great places you can enjoy here. The Anne Frank House, houses the memories of Annelies Marie or Anne Frank, a German born Jewish teenager who wrote diaries during the infamous Holocaust. Located at the Prinsengracht in Central Amsterdam, the biographical museum is dedicated to this little Jewish girl. It is fairly cheap to visit the house. An adult ticket starts at €9.50, while a guided tour costs around €30.

The Tulip Museum

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Tulip is the unofficial flower of Amsterdam. The Tulip Museum depicts the eventful history of this beautiful flower. From the plant hunters of the Ottoman empire to the shores of the Dutch lands, this humble flower has travelled long distances. Revisit the history and the journey of the Tulip flower. It is located at the Prinsengracht near the Anne Frank house. The cost of ticket for an Adult is €5.

What should you eat and where?

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Amsterdam isn’t exactly famous for its gourmet, but it has a lot of inexpensive places where you can satiate your taste buds with some mouth-watering Dutch cuisine. For Dutch beers and excellent food, check in at any of the local bars along the canals. 

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If French fries, Herrings, Chicken Curry sandwiches, or just cheap buffets are your thing, head to Freitsteeg, De Hapjeshoek, Vishuisje Herengracht, or Hema. You could also try some of the squat restaurants in the Wittenstraat, Eerste Schinkelstraat, Overtoom, and Javakade areas of Amsterdam.