Bhongir Fort - Short Uphill trek

28th Mar 2017

How to reach:

Bhongir fort is in Bhongir town, approximately 100 km from Hyderabad Telangana. We booked a zoom car, started at 7:30 A.M. and reached the destination by 10 A.M. Broad outer ring road & highway with minimal traffic is smooth driving experience for learners. After reaching Bhongir town ask for direction from the local people as google map directions end up in narrow streets with dead end.

There is no covered/shaded parking space available. However, in front of fort main gate there is plenty of space to park four wheeler. The entry ticket is Rs 15 and additional charges for camera.

Photo of Bhongir Fort - Short Uphill trek 1/4 by Aditi Gupta
Lets start climbing !!

Things to pack:

1. Plenty of water bottles and snacks. On top of fort, no vendors are available for purchase.

2. Hat, sunglasses if it’s sunny.

3. Travel light, prefer sport shoes.

4. Camera

The Hike:

Huge elephant shaped rock hill is ~500 feet high with steps engraved from bottom to the top of hill. Close to hill top where slope is bit steep, railings are handy for support. Though fort on the top doesn’t have much to offer but one can’t complaint the sensation of cool breeze after an hour long trek. The view from top is splendid. Warangal-Hyderabad highway and Railway tracks were well in line of sight. Grab a corner under elegant arches of the fort to spend entire afternoon just sitting and feeling the strong wind and sun. Calm silent place with no traffic noise, horn honking and less crowd. Near perfect place for me or family time.

Photo of Bhongir Fort - Short Uphill trek 2/4 by Aditi Gupta
The View
Photo of Bhongir Fort - Short Uphill trek 3/4 by Aditi Gupta
our corner, elegant arches not quite elegant in photo

While coming downhill we took few detours around corner, bushes and plain for candid clicks. However, the friend clicking the photos was horribly bad thus a vain photography attempt.

Photo of Bhongir Fort - Short Uphill trek 4/4 by Aditi Gupta

Where to eat:

There is an air conditioned hotel named “Vivera” on Hyderabad-Warangal Highway By- Pass Road which offer south thali and variety of north cuisine as well.

What the place offered:

1. Long Drive

2. Trekking or Workout outside Gym or Picnic

3. View, soft breeze and tranquility

4. Candid Photography

5. Shooting location of movie ‘Poorna’

6. Rappelling and other adventure activities available if interested. Might need to pre-book.


Major expense is petrol and food only.

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