31st Oct 2019
Day 1

1. It's a really short trip to an incredible destination
2. A confluence of ancient cultures and traditions including Chinese, etc
3. The exquisite cuisine
4. The night life is explore worthy
5. The music in particular is quite unique to the region
6. There are many casinos in Macau which gives a very Vegas like feel quite near to home
7. The waterfalls and scenic beauty is to die for
8. Opera performances
9. The evening stroll along the various squares
10. Take a stroll around the ancient sites like Mount Fortress
11. Taoism at A-Ma temple
12. Bungee jumping at the tower of Macau
13. The plenty of museums in the city
14. The scenic parks around the town
15. The beautiful landscape views from the ranges
16. The opportunity to take some extraordinary photos and clippings
17. Taipa Village and it's food
18. Easy journey to Hong Kong for a quick trip
19. Macau Lotus Flower Festival
20. To top it all, the total trip to Macau and all the beautiful sites mentioned above can be achieved in a tight budget with decent options