"1 Unique heritage

Those 400 years of Portuguese rule certainly left their mark; from architecture to food and even language, the unique assimilation of Chinese and Portuguese cultures in Macau has made it one of a kind.

2 UNESCO World Heritage Site

There’s more to Macau than meets the eye; the city’s rich heritage far outshines its casinos. In fact, the Historic Centre of Macau was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, with over 20 locations that witness the unique co-existence of Chinese and Portuguese cultures in Macau.

3 Big thrills

Calling all daredevils. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or know one, then Macau has just the attraction for you. Macau Tower is home to the Guinness World Record holder for the highest commercial bungy jump in the world.

4 Richest city in Asia

With a per capita GDP of US$91,000, Macau is the fourth richest territory in the world and the richest city in Asia. 

5 Discover the secret to longer life

According to the CIA World Fact Book 2017, Macau citizens enjoy the 4th-longest life expectancy in the world with an average age of 84.60. As the world’s most successful gambling city, it’s not a lifestyle that you would necessarily associate with long life or relaxation

6 Best egg tarts

Egg tarts are popular in many countries, but the Macau Portuguese egg tarts baked at the famous Lord Stow’s Bakery in Coloane Island draw tourists and pastry-lovers from all over

7 Cheaper hotel stays

Living the five-star luxury lifestyle generally costs less in Macau than neighbouring Hong Kong. On Weekdays, especially, room rates can be a real steal and you can get more room for your buck.

8 A culinary capital

It’s not just the hotel rooms that are cheaper in Macau. Local foodies have long known that Macau is a great destination for fine dining at a (relative) bargain, especially the lunchtime deals. 

9 Taste the world’s first fusion food

Macau was recently designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in recognition of its 400-plus-year-old culinary legacy. Many believe that the city’s own Macanese cuisine was the original fusion cuisine. 

10 Macau Tower

Experience the thrill of jumping from a height which also holds a record in the Guinness book. Over here, you can experience the adventure of bungee jump from 233m, 764 feet. Apart from this, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city. There is also a 360°Café which is the highest revolving restaurant of Macao.

If you love heights, then do not miss out on bungee jumping, skywalk or walking around the outer perimeter of the tower.

11Foodie Tour at Taipa Village

If you want to experience a relaxed day which I usually pick on my travel days, then Taipa Village is for you. Macao is a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cultures and in this village you will experience and understand just that. 

12A-Ma Temple

This temple is built by fishermen in the 16th century to honour the sea goddess. You will find a labyrinth of prayer halls along with courtyards that have a moon-shaped entrance.

13 Ride for Free on the Macau Shuttle Buses

In Macao the transport is free. Yes! Most hotels and casinos offer a free shuttle bus service between most tourist attractions.

14 Go Casino Hopping

If you are a gambler or not, does not matter. You can still enter the casino and enjoy its fun and excitement.

15 Go for A Photo Walk at Night

Macao looks perfect during the night time. As a photographer, I would love to shoot the city during the night time. You will be able to find many elements to shoot and get a perfect picture. 

16 Lantern Festival & Art Events to Attend

Macao also hosts Lantern Festival during the mid autumn season. You will also see a national dance drama Thangka that depicts Thangka artists painting with their lives.

17 Another thing i've grown to love about Macau is shopping for luxury goods at duty-free prices.

18 Since Macao has been at the confluence of international trade in Asia for centuries, the food scene reflects those influences. You can and will find everything in Macao, from very traditional Chinese cuisine to those famous Portuguese egg tarts that have become the stuff of legend. 

19 House of Dancing Water (HoDW) is a world-class, family-friendly performance that will have you highly entertained 90 minutes. The performance remains high-calibre and offers great entertainment value, the likes of which you would expect of the best shows in Vegas, Broadway and the West End.

20 Hiking in Macao: Taipa Grand Trail

Even though Macao is famous for its casinos and entertainment but only a few know that you can also go on nature hikes and have fun amidst such trails. If you have less time in hand, then go to Taipa Grand Trail from where you can enjoy the breath-taking view of Taipa Island.