29th Oct 2019
Day 1

1. The exotic ambience is just breath-taking.
2. I love the soothing atmosphere that nourishes your soul and rejuvenates you to the fullest.
3. The panda monium is one the most attractive features about it.
4. The beauty of the St. Pauls
5. A culinary wonderland with heavenly beauties.
6. The spine-chilling bungee jumping.
7. Mesmerizing historic centre.
8. Infinite attractions of the markets.
9. The club and casino life.
10. The ride is a special treat to the batman fans.
11. The international dragon boat races.
12. 360 degree cafe with flawless sky view beauty.
13. The house of dancing water drives me crazy.
14. The grand prix.
15. The cool gaming centres.
16. Heavenly mesmerizing beauty.
17. Premium luxurious hotels.
18. The special international fireworks 🎇 display.
19. The sizzling delightful Macao cuisine ❤️
20. Everything about Macao is adrenaline.
Its one of my dream destinations and would love to be here. ❤️❤️❤️