24th Oct 2019
Photo of Las Vegas of asia #20THINGSILOVEABOUTMACAO by Meghna Nanaiah
Day 1

Things I love about Macao
Never been to Macao but love the place
Jaw dropping scintillating magnifique calm serene ,balance of life; ying and yang are  few adjectives that come to me when I hear Macao
A perfectly fused union of history and modernism is what macau is ……….
The serenity  of the place given by the Portuguese architecture and ooh the tiles can gaze at those all day .
I love the feel of rush of madeleine jumping of the tallest bungee jumping base
A Dinner with a view ;A top macau tower a mouth watering refreshing view and food
Macao Giant Panda Pavilion …I love it cause I love pandas
Floating in the Sky a ride…no a few rides in the sky cab cable car
City of dreams it is called where I to make my dreams come true…..
The spiritual and fabulous motivation the history provides
An architectural marvel of a city ; Kun Iam Statue is a magnificent example
A relaxing stroll and most photogenic sunset on Hac Sa Beach
Wine museum for a novice wine connosuire providing a culture, amusement and education into a complete entity ,Wine.
Thryst for speed Formula 3 racing and the grand prix museum a spellbound walk down the lane of speed of Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard, &-Eduardo de Carvalho, and Ayrton Senna’s Formula 3 red &-white racing car, a history behold
Macao a Shoppers abode
The Venetian; Venice and Vegas under one roof Gondola Ride through resort canals under painted sky ceiling, premium cabanas for a lavish poolside experience
Ruins of St. Paul’s; mesmerizing ruins with the scantity of Jesus and Madonna ,surrounded in art and glory of the past
The nightlife for a young raver like me 😉

Photo of Las Vegas of asia #20THINGSILOVEABOUTMACAO by Meghna Nanaiah