Did You Know About These #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao?


I am someone who loves researching about a country that I hope to visit. Here are the best spots in Macao that I want to see if I get the chance to visit the beautiful country!

1. I love visiting places which offer natural beauty, and so the first place I would love to visit is the Taipa Island. Taking a bike ride through the island, want to see the Four Face Buddha Shrine and Pou Tai Temple.

2. I've always been an adventure enthusiast, however, haven't had the opportunity to indulge in extreme adventures. With excellent infrastructure, I would love to skydive in Macao and witness its beauty from the very top!

3. In Macao, heritage and culture envelope you everywhere, and you just cannot escape it. I want to explore the Ruins of St. Paul's Mandarin's House and St. Dominic's Church.

4. While Macao can be explored on foot, it is a different experience to witness a city from far away. The aquatic treks of Macao are definitely on top of my list. I am a water baby, so I'd love to float across the see and behold Macao's beauty.

5. Macao is a foodie's heaven. When the world's best cuisines get together, they form the delicious Macanese Cuisine. The flavours are tangy, the textures exciting and a variety of dishes that no other country has seen. I would love to try the street food as well as experience fine dining.

6. A trip is incomplete till you experience its night life. With the most extravagant bars, pubs, restaurants and discs, I cannot wait to see the night-vibe of Macao.

7. Although I like adventure and fun activities while visiting a place, Macao is one place whose temples I cannot miss. Buddhist monasteries and Chinese temples can be found in abundance in Macao. I want to learn about their history and the deities that are worshipped.

8. Shopping in Macao is obviously a must-experience. As much as I would like to splurge on luxury brands, I would like to purchase more local and authentic products from places like the Red Market and Send Square.

9. The Cheoc Van Beach is definitely on top of my list when it comes to exploring the beaches. I would like to relax on its golden sands with a book and pizza in hand. At the same time, I would like to explore the numerous hikes and trails located near the beach.

10. A taste of luxury is always important when I visit a new country. No doubt that The Hotel Venetian Macao is definitely a place I would like to stay at, even if for a night. It's laid-back European vibe fused with Macao's effervescence, makes it an experience I need to have.

11. There are a number of enthralling shows that are conducted in Macao like The Eiffel Tower light show, the House of Dancing Water and Fortune Diamond that I would love to see.

12. I would also like to get a spa somewhere in Macao, a perfect end to a happening vacation.

13. Different festivals in Macao showcase its rich culture and traditions. I love the fervour of the Chinese New Year, Oktoberfest, and the International Music Festival. Although I have only seen pictures and watched videos, I would love to be a part of the revelry.

14. I would also like to grab a drink at Macao's conventional and entertainment tower which shoots to a whopping height of 338m. I especially want to experience the skywalk here.

15. for a deeper understanding of Macao, I would like to spend my own set time at its various museums ranging from the Grand Prix Museum to the Macao Science Centre.

16. The modern squares of Macao such as the Send Square is where I would spend a sunny day. Lined with egg-tart shops and more bakery stores, I would love to see this place.

17. The Guia Fortress offer sweeping views of the city, so I'd like to take a hike to it.

18. A visit to the ecological park to witness pandas chilling with each other is an experience I won't get here in India. So I'm definitely going there too.

19. Macao's streets are fun, exciting and always buzzing. As a photographer, I want to roam around its streets, observe its people, the tourists and capture the streets with my lens.

20. The A-Ma Cultural Village is also something I would love to explore in search of the authentic Macao experience.

I am ready with the #20thingsiloveaboutmacao and I can't wait to see all of them!