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Enjoy modern art sculptures and statues situated alongside flowers and trees at the Garden of the Arts.


International Fireworks Display Contest

The annual Macau International Fireworks Display Contest usually takes place on several Saturdays every September, on Mid-Autumn Festival and on China’s National Day on 1st October


Guia Fortress

Completed in 1638, Guia Fortress perches atop Macau’s highest point, Guia Hill. The fortress was meant to block attacks from the sea. Thanks to its unbeatable view of the city, the fortress became more of an observation post.


Tricycle rickshaw

Take an old-fashioned spin around the quaint streets of historic Macau or the waterfront areas of Nam Van and Sai Van lakes on a tricycle rickshaw.


Handover Gifts Museum of Macao

See the Museum of Handover Gifts in Macau


Macanese home

Considered one of Macau's best renovation projects, Gallery G32 is a narrow tenement building restored to look like a Macanese home from the 1960s complete with green floral wallpaper, low-hanging lamps and wicker furniture.


Senado Square

There are few places like this; the bright colonial buildings are gorgeous and make you think you are in Madrid or Lisbon, but the exquisite Chinese signs and temples blend seamlessly and create a rare multicultural environment.


Movie magic

Forget James Bonds’ trip to Macau in Skyfall, which was all shot in a studio in England, for a real-life movie experience head to Rua de Felicidade, where part of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom was filmed.


The Mandarin’s House

The Mandarin’s House is a massive private residence that was built around 1869 for a wealthy Chinese merchant family. It gives a glimpse at what life was like for a prosperous family during the late 19th century in China, and it is an extraordinarily large home, containing over 60 rooms and covering approximately 4000 square meters. Admission is free.


Dom Pedro V Theater

One of the earliest European-style theaters built in Asia where plays and musicals were performed.


Treasure of Sacred Art Museum

See the history of treasureous art art museum and enjoy


Egg Tart Heaven

One of the famous local specialities to try when visiting Macau is the (Portuguese style) egg tart, first made famous by creator Andrew Stow's back in the 1990’s and now a must-try inclusion to the local food scene.


Camoes Garden

It was originally the house of a Portuguese merchant who enjoyed raising pigeons. His house served as a beautiful backdrop to the hundreds of flying pigeons that he raised. From afar, the pavilions and buildings in the compound looked like nests.


House of Dancing Water

Macau’s most expensive show is also its most extraordinary. The House of Dancing Water was created and directed by legendary show-maker Franco Dragone and blends elements of theatre, dance, acrobatics and water stunts with Chinese mythologies and other Asian elements.


Casino Kitsch

The gaudiest casino isn't on the Cotai Strip but the peninsula jutting from the Chinese mainland. The lotus-shaped Grand Lisboa is regularly named one of the world's strangest buildings.


Enjoy a world-class show at any of the casinos at prices far cheaper than those offered at Las Vegas. Singers, dancers, and magicians are always performing in Macau, and tickets and plentiful and affordable.


Do it for the kids

Macau may not be the first place you think of to take the kiddies, but with such an abundance of entertainment on offer for the adults, the smart resorts have upped their family-friendly credentials in recent years.


Events & festivals

Traditional customs are an important part of life in Macau. Chinese New Year is widely celebrated with street parties and exciting parades filled with dragons and drummers; while the Macau International Dragon Boat Festival combines a traditional celebration with the exciting pace of a sporting event.


Macao Historical Archives

Exhibition of Macao’s Archival Materials



Due to the multi-cultural influence in Macau, photographers will appreciate the diverse points and subjects for photography. From the ruins, food, and even simple shots of streets and people, it is very easy for photographers to create a unique photo essay.