Scientists Have Discovered A New Continent, Gondwana And It Seems Like A Paradise Of Tragedy


This is not a hoax! I repeat, this is not a hoax! Scientists have indeed discovered a whole new continent in the Indian Ocean under (literally) Mauritius and the world is going completely gaga over it!

The discovery of a new continent

Mauritius is already ultra-popular as a honeymoon spot, but scientists have concluded that the tropical island nation hid a secret too huge to conceal under it all this while. Having recently identified a mineral approximately 7 billion years old in Mauritius, further geological investigations from a South African team led them to infer that Mauritius was actually sitting on top of a "super-continent" called Gondwana, which can be dated back to at least 200 million years. The island is believed to have gradually split into India, Antarctica, South America, Africa and Australia about 180 million years ago.

Too late to visit Gondwana, the paradise of tragedy?

Since the breaking apart of the "super continent" Gondwanaland happened 120 million years ago, when India started moving north leading to the opening up of the Indian Ocean between Mauritius and the Indian subcontinent, what was left behind was a flurry of now extinct "micro-continents". One of these has now been discovered and is now, with Mauritius, called "Mauritia". Geological studies have found that most of Mauritia is completely barren and lost in the Indian Ocean. Hence it can be said that the land has been discovered too late to be visited anymore.

Photo of Scientists Have Discovered A New Continent, Gondwana And It Seems Like A Paradise Of Tragedy 2/2 by Prateek Dham
Credits: Wikimedia

We really hope that eventual research gives out more fortunate news so the global community of travellers have a new place to look forward to! Honestly, it'll be great for backpackers to explore a tropical paradise akin to Mauritius, sans all the honeymooners.

What are your thoughts on this new continent, Gondwana? Have you ever found a piece of paradise that was relatively unknown? Share your thoughts with us!

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